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Recruitment and Selection

There are several ways in which staff can be obtained on the recom-

mendation of a reliable employee or trustworthy person, from Jobcent-

res, through employment agencies, through executive employment agen-

cies, or head hunters and by advertising.





Advertisements are one of the most common methods of obtaining

staff. To attract suitable people, an advertisement should state clearly

what is being offered by the firm and what is required from the applicant.

The right branch of the media must be used. Classified advertisements

often produce just as good results as large display advertisements and are

much cheaper.

People applying for a job may be asked to fill in an application form.

Usually this requests the following information: title of job applied

for, applicant’s name in full, address and telephone number, age/date

of birth, nationality, sex, if married or single, if registered as disabled,

schools attended (with dates), further education (with dates) qualifica-

tions and training, previous employment (names and addresses of em-

ployers, jobs held, wages or salary, reasons for leaving), any other infor-

mation, references.

Having every applicant’s details listed in the same order helps firms

to check and compare their abilities more easily. The forms also provide

a formal record of each applicant’s qualifications and experience, which

is useful if there are any later disputes.

When all the application forms have come in, the firm may sort them

into three groups of hopeful, doubtful and hopeless. A decision has to

be made about the doubtful cases. The most suitable applications are

invited to come for an interview on a stated date and time.

All applicants are given a job description, which gives an accurate

picture of the work they will have to do. Although job descriptions vary

from one firm to another, most of them give the following information

in this order:

· Title of the job (e.g. secretary, waiter).

· Department of the firm in which the person will work (e.g. finance

department, restaurant).

· Function: a summary of the job.

· Responsible to: the person who will be in charge of the new em-


· Responsible for. any person who will be in the charge of the new

employee (e.g. an office junior).

· Duties: a numbered list of duties that the employee is required to


1. What is a job centre? How does it differ from an employment agency?

2. State three ways in which staff can be recruited. What are the ad-

vantages and disadvantages of each (e.g. costs, time, quality of appli-

cant, etc.)?

3. What hints would you give to someone writing a job advertisement?




Text 5

Read the text and define the problems discussed in it. Be ready to answer the questions

given below.

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