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Language. 1. Practise reading aloud the following words

1. Practise reading aloud the following words. If necessary, use the dic-


Affiliation, supervisor, employee, flexible, scheme, incremental,

nonmanual, advertisement, objective, semiskilled, redundant, flexitime,

teleworking, technique, unemployment, picketing, bargaining, induc-

tion, redundant.

2. Give the Russian equivalents to the following words and word-com-


Clerical work, cushy job, full-time job, part-time job, flexible work-

ing hours, job-sharing, nine-to-five job, odd job, hour job, discrimina-

tion, employment discrimination, wage discrimination, career, strike,

strike ballot, labour union, picket, fringe benefits, unemployment ben-

efit, to eliminate unemployment, dole, lay off, scrounger, freelancer,

commuter, teleworking, to give the sack.

3. Read the following sentences and explain the meaning of the under-

lined words.

1. Anyone who works for a company is part of the personnel of that

company. 2. A staff department is a department of a company that pro-

vides a service to the managers. A staff department is not directly in-

volved with production. 3. Recruiting refers to finding new employees

or managers for the company. 4. When workers retire or quit, the per-

sonnel department must recruit new workers to fill the vacancies. 5. A

company recruits internally if it wishes to fill vacancies by transferring

or promoting current employees. 6. External recruitment means that a

company is seeking new employees from outside the firm. 7. When an

employee is promoted, he receives a position with more authority and

responsibility, and usually an increase in salary. 8. The worker was trans-

ferred from one department to the other.9. Fringe benefits include paid

vacation, medical insurance, and employer contributions to a pension




plan. Fringe benefits are what the employee receives in addition to his

wages. 10. There is a grievance procedure for handling complaints when

an employee feels he has been treated unfairly.

4. Match the words on the left with the expressions on the right.

1. promote

2. vacancy

3. retire

4. external

5. recruitment

6. fringe benefits

7. grievance

8. staff departments

a. complaint of unfair treatment

b. paid sick leave, for example

c. job opening .

d. seeking new employees .

e. accounting, for example

f. outside

g. to assign a more important job

h. to stop working after a certain age

5. Write out the suffixes indicating different

parts of speech in the fol-

lowing words.


6. Identify the part of speech of the missing words. Supply the correct form

of the word.



Verb Noun Adjective
qualify promote employ determine apply authorize describe base compete recruit require staff qualification promotion employer employee employment determination application applicant authority description basis competitor competition recruit recruitment requirement staff qualified promotional employable determining applicable authorized descriptive basic competing required staff


authorize 1. His new job has more and responsibility. He is now to sign cheques.
applicant 2. People who wish to the position should fill out an for the personnel department. chosen for interviews will be notified by mail.



7. Match the terms on the left with their meanings on the right.











fringe benefits

human resources


red tape



8. Complete each sentence with the correct form of the word in bold type.

Sometimes you will need to use a negative form using a prefix (un-, dis-,



a) Women are more ... with their jobs than men in many countries.

b) Low pay and poor working conditions create ... workers.

c) Small European countries are at the top of job... league tables.


a) What are the strongest ... factors in peoples lives?

b) Workers become ... if they work long hours for low pay.

c) What was your ... for becoming a salesperson?


a) Becoming Department Head was the ... of a lifelong ambition.

b) He ... his role as manager very effectively.

c) I feel ... in my job because I am not given enough responsibility.



promote 3. The personnel department is giving a examination to see which of the current employees will be to the position.
descriptive 4. The job states the job title. It also all the duties as well as the requirements for employment.
basic 5. The interviewer will his decision on the applicants personality and qualifications.
competitor 6. they hired the new manager from a company.
determine 7. A ... will be made based on the experience of the applicants.
require 8. Does the applicant have the skills, Does he meet all the other ?
qualification 9. Are you for his job? Fill out an application app- licants will be contacted for an interview.
recruit 10. This company has a policy of internal .We always try to fill managerial positions with current employees.





a) Jack Welch was an ... business leader who motivated employees.

b) He has been an ... to the new members of staff.

c) After an ... launch, the new model quickly failed.


a) You could see the ... building up in the workforce.

b) I find talking to him ... because he never listens to anything I say.

c) I felt so ... with their attitude that I decided to resign.

9. Write a single word synonym for each of these phrases.

1. given the sack = .

2. out of work = .

3. left the company = .

4. was given a better position in the company = ... .

5. future possibilities in a job = ... .

6. stopped working for ever = ... .

7. workers in a company = ... .

10. Find the logical answer on the right for each of the questions on the


1. Why did they sack him?

2. Why did they promote him?

3. Why did he apply for the job?

4. Why did he retire?

5. Why did he resign?

6. Why did he go on the course?

a) because he was nearly 65.

b) because he was late for work

every day.

) because he needed more training.

d) because he was out of work.

e) because he was the best person

in the department.

f) because he didnt like his boss.

11. A. Complete the extract below with passive forms of the verbs in


Several surveys ... (conduct) recently concerning the relationship

between work and play. According to psychologists, activities are more

likely to ... (perceive) as play and therefore attractive rather than

work and therefore unattractive-if they ... (enter) into voluntarily. In

one experiment, for example, volunteers ... (give) a problem-solving

game to perform: some ... (pay) to perform the game and some were

not. Those who ... (pay) spent less free time performing than those for

whom the only motivation was the pleasure of the game. Thus, motiva-

tion to play springs from within and the readiness to perform activities ...

(reduce) by external rewards.

B. Like the passive, the expressionhave/get something done focuses on

what happens and not on the doer of the action.





A: Is the photocopier working?

B: Yes. We had it mended yesterday. (It doesnt matter who did it)

Complete the exchanges below with the expression have /get something


1 A: This office looks rather shabby, doesnt it? B: I know. Were go-

ing to ..................................................................................................

2 A: What a dazzling speech! B: Yeah. Im sure he..............................


3 A: The videos on the blink again. B: We definitely need to .............


4 A: Our fire alarm seems to have a will of its own, doesnt it? B: Yes. I

think we should ...................................................................................

5 A: Im not sure the figures in this report are right ....


B: Well, why dont you ................................................................. .

C. Make up 35 sentences of your own according to the above pattern.

12. Look at the following sentences and write questions, using the pas-

sive form. The first one has been done for you.

1. Pantels takeover of Riesmann will be cleared by the European

Commission in April. (Who by)

Who will the takeover be cleared by?

2. In 1999 800 of computer games were sold in Britain. (When)

3. Those computer games are manufactured under license in Japan.


4. Over 600 people were made redundant last year. (How many)

5. Future success will be driven by developing a sales force capable of

challenging the status quo. (How)

6. The new team will be employed for a minimum contract period of

ten months. (How long)

7. Effective leadership is endlessly discussed in management circles.


8. A coercive style of leadership could be used during an emergency,

for instance. (When)

9. The next meeting has been scheduled for the end of March.


10. The interim report was written by Ms Eadie. (Who)

13. Choose the best word from the brackets to fill the gap. The first one

is an example.

1. We need to recruit... four new people for our office in Manches-

ter, (join/recruit) 2. We are using a recruitment ... to find them for us.

(agency/headhunter) 3. They advertised the ... in the local newspaper




last week. (positions/applicants) 4. So far, over 60 people have applied

for the ... . (works/posts) 5. We are going to look at all the letters of ... .

over the weekend. (application/situation). 6. On Monday, we will draw

up a ... of 10 or 11 people, (reference/shortlist) 7. Then well invite them

all to come for an ... . (interview/appointment) 8. We hope to ... the suc-

cessful applicants by the end of the month. (apply/appoint) 9. We have

200 people on our ... . (recruitment/business/payroll) 10. Our ... de-

partment is responsible for recruitment, (personnel/employee/worker)

11. Our main office is in London but we have ... all over the country.

(places/companies/sites) 12. I supervise all the ... workers on the pro-

duction line. (manual/white-collar/labour) 13. I am in charge of train-

ing in the human ... department, (support/resources/staff) 14.We have

a ... of 65 in London and about 30 in Paris, (staff/union/headquarters)

15. You havent been paid this month? OK, Ill put you through to the ...

department. (pay/salary/finance) 16. I work in a small hotel in Amster-

dam. I 8 an hour. (earn/paid) 17. Its not a lot, but its more than

the wage. (maximum/minimum) 18. Some customers leave me and

that is a great help. (perks/tips) 19. My sister works in a bank and her

is 3,000 a month. (bonus/benefits) 20. Next year she thinks she will get

a car. (company/business) 21. When she is 55 she will be able to give

up work and live on her (package/pension)

14. Complete the sentences with the correct form of the verb given. Use

verb + -ing or Infinitive. The first two are the examples.

1. As we dont agree about politics we generally avoid discussing (dis-

cuss) the subject. 2. He doesnt get on with the new boss, so hes asked

to be transferred (transfer) to another branch of the company. 3. Please

stop (interrupt) me when Im explaining something to you. You can

ask questions at the end. 4. We had arranged ... (meet) in my office so

that he could check the documents he needed. 5. I must say I dont re-

ally fancy ... (spend) my whole holiday with your cousins. 6. He admits

... (enter) the house but he says he didnt take anything. 7. Ive apolo-

gized to her but she still refuses (speak) to me. 8. What a dreadful man!

Can you imagine (live) with him? 9. Of course Ill help you, as long

as it doesnt involve (lift) anything heavy. 10. Oh no! Ive forgotten

(bring) my briefcase with me. Ill have to go back for it. 11.They had

hoped ... (live) in their new house by now, but the builders are still work-

ing on it. 12. I dont mind (work) late, if it will help at all. 13. I simply

cant afford ... . Support you any longer you ll just have to find a job.

14. We had hoped to finish the project by the end of the month but we

keep ... (delay) by changes in the plans. 15. Youd better go and see the

boss and say what youve done. If yon put off (explain) it to her, shell

only be more annoyed.



15. Complete the sentences by putting one of the words or phrases given

below in each space.

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