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Exam Practice


Test 1

Read the text and put the words at the end of each line into the correct form.

The Bald Eagle

In 1782, soon after the United States won its independence, the bald

eagle ___ (1) as the national bird of the new country. American choose

leaders wanted the eagle to be symbol of ___ (2) country because it they

is one of the ___ (3) birds. Today the bald eagle strong

almost ___ (4) from the country. In 1972 there ___ (5) only 3,000 disappear be

bald eagles in the entire United States. The reason for the

birds ___ (6) population was pollution of rivers by pesticides. Pesticides decrease

poison the fish. Eagles eat these fish and then the eggs eagles

lay have very thin shells and ___ (7). Today, the American government not hatch

and the American people ___ (8) to protect the bald eagle. The try

number of bald eagles slowly ___ (9). The American increase

national bird ___ (10), and remains symbol of strength and courage. survive

Read the text. Use the word given at the end of each line to form a word that fits the space in the same line. Our ___ (1) in New York was spectacular. Its skyscrapers and the arrive

Statue of Liberty make ___ (2) sight. New York has ___ (3) beauty

of over seven million and it is probably the worlds most populate

famous city. The ___ (4) of the Big Apple come from many inhabit

different countries. There are more ___ (5) in New York than in any nation

other place on earth. It also has more ___ (6) than any tour

other city except London, ___ (7) in the summer. ___ (8) special

come from all over the world and have ___ (9) time. There visit

are so many sights for them to get ___ (10) about wonder

whether its some of the best museums in the world or the enthusiasm

charming little streets of Greenwich Village.

3. Choose the most suitable word for each space. Viewed from the outside, the Houses of Parliament give firm impression of all those ___ (1) which we are supposed to value in the British form of government. The architecture gives the place ___ (2) look, and the buildings are sandwiched between busy square and the river making them ___ (3) between the country house of an eccentric duke and Victorian railway station. You have only to learn that the ___ (4) refer to each other as The Honourable Member for So and So to complete the picture of dignified gentlemens club, with of course few ladies to ___ (5) the numbers. Sadly, over the past few years first radio, and now television, have shown the general ___ (6) what in fact goes on when bills are ___ (7) and questions are asked. The first obvious fact is that the chamber is very rarely full, and there may be only ___ (8) of members present, some of ___ (9) are quite clearly asleep, telling jokes to their neighbour, or engaged in shouting like badly‑behaved schoolchildren. There is not enough ___ (10) for them all in the chamber in any case, which is second worrying point. Of course, television does not follow the work of ___ (11) which are small discussion groups that do most of the real work of the House. But the ___ (12) impression that we as ___ (13) receive of the workings of government is not good one. To put it bluntly, parliament looks disorganised, is clearly behind the times and seems to be ___ (14) with bores and comedians. This is presumably why members resisted for so long the efforts of the to broadcast parliamentary ___ (15) on television.

1. a) views b) appearances c) identities d) features 2. a) fashionable b) traditional c) close‑up d) notorious

3. a) mixture b) combination c) cross d) match

4. a) members b) candidates c) delegates d) senators

5. a) take away b) bring about c) make up d) set in

6. a) situation b) public ) interest d) rule

7. a) paid b) determined c) voted d) discussed

8. a) handful b) majority c) few d) number

9. a) these b) whom ) them d) others

10. a) seats b) places c) room d) around

11. a) elections b) those c) everyone d) committees

12. a) overall b) visual c) positive d) striking

13. a) audience b) often c) voters d) well

14. a) working b) inevitably c) filled d) much

15. a) matters b) committees c) speeches d) debates

Test 2 1. Read the text and put the words at the end of each line into the correct form.

Tricks on April Fools Day In 1698, a number of Londoners received invitations

to see the lions washed in the Thames. This event ___ (1) in news describe

papers. However, the same trick ___ (2) in 1860, and again a lot of repeat

curious Londoners ___ (3) to enjoy the lions washed. In 1957 BBC come

Television played an even ___ (4) joke on its viewers. It showed hilarious

a film about a spaghetti crop ___ (5) in Southern Switzerland. grow

Agricultural workers ___ (6) long strands of spaghetti from bushes pick

and the presenter of the film ___ (7) on the uniform length of the comment

spaghetti and on the successful cultivation of these vegetables. After be

the programme there ___ (8) a lot of calls from people who not get

___ (9) the joke and wanted to know where they ___ (10) buy spaghetti bushes. can

Read the text. Use the word given at the end of each line to form a word that fits the space in the same line. Americans talk with ___ (1) of their government and ___ (2). They proud, institute

seem certain that they have more ___ (3), better laws and free

stronger leaders. But even the most ___ (4) Americans have few doubts. patriot

___ (5) is one problem area, and so is the law. There are not educate

enough clever teachers, and too many clever ___ (6). But Americans law

feel ___ (7) that they can change things that dont work. Americans confidence

want to be proud of their President. They like him to be good‑looking,

___ (8), and a good family man. They want him to be a good ___ (9). religion, talk

They expect him to keep the prices down at home and to keep the

country looking ___ (10) abroad. power

3. Choose the most suitable word for each space. Have you ever asked yourself what you are working for? If you have ever had the time to ___ (1) this taboo question, or put it to others in moments of weakness or confidentiality, you ___ (2) well have heard some or all of the ___ (3). Its the money of course, some say with smile, as if explaining something to small child. Or its the satisfaction of ___ (4) well done, the sense of achievement behind the clinching of an important ___ (5). I worked as bus conductor once, and I cant say I ___ (6) the same as I staggered along the swaying gangway trying to ___ (7) out tickets without falling over into someones lap. Its the company of other people perhaps, but if that is the ___ (8), what about farmers? Is it the conversation in the farmyard that keeps them captivated by the job? Work is power and sense of status say those ___ (9) have either attained these elusive goals, or feel aggrieved that nobody has yet recognised their leadership ___ (10). Or we can blame it all on someone else, the family or the taxman. I suspect, and I say this under my ___ (11), that most of us work hoping for something to ___ (12) up. Well win the pools, and tell the boss what we really think. Well scrape together the ___ (13) and open that little shop we always dreamed of, or go ___ (14) the world, or spend more time in the garden. One day well get that ___ (15) we deserve, but until then at least we have something to do. And we are so busy doing it that we wont have time to wonder why.

1. a) propose b) meditate c) consider d) launch 2. a) might b) can c) will d) should

3. a) below b) rest c) following d) latter

4. a) a work b) job c) task d) an effort

5. a) deal b) position c) job d) engagement

6. a) enjoyed b) wished c) hoped d) felt

7. a) make b) turn ) issue d) give

8. a) one b) case ) question d) former

9. a) people b) must c) who d) to

10. a) qualities b) status c) property d) requirements

11. a) oath b) suspicion c) breath d) pressure

12. a) move b) turn ) ease d) end

13. a) resources b) opportunities c) rest d) money

14. a) round b) over c) into d) to

15. a) ambition b) station c) vocation d) promotion

Test 3 1. Read the text and put the words at the end of each line into the correct form.

Mountain Biking In the past people ___ (1) watching TV or reading enjoy

in their free time. Nowadays people are more interested in doing ___ (2) activity

which take them out of their homes. Thats why mountain biking

___ (3) a very popular sport in recent years. It is one of the ___ (4) become, reward

ways to explore the countryside. Cyclists must pay attention to the

type of path they ___ (5) on. Some paths ___ (6) for people be, design

who are on foot, so if you cycle along these, you ___ (7) inconvenience cause

to walkers. On any other path, you should still respect walkers.

Another thing which you ___ (8) to do is ___ (9) gates behind you, so ask, close

that farm animals cannot escape. If the weather is fine, you will

enjoy a wonderful day out, especially if you ___ (10) to take not forget

some food and drinks with you.

2. Read the text. Use the word given at the end of each line to form a word that fits the space in the same line. When the famous explorer, Columbus claimed Florida for Spain in 1492,

he had never ___ (1) eyes on it. The areas most important early ___ (2) lay, visit

thus set pattern that has continued for centuries. There is

general ___ (3) amongst people, apparently quite ___ (4) with whether believe, connect

or not theyve been there themselves, that Florida is good place

to go. In fact, it is almost ___ (5) not to enjoy yourself in Florida possible

today, given the wonderful ___ (6) of facilities available to tourists. select

Some of the worlds most popular tourist ___ (7) are located in the attract

state whose ___ (8) beaches welcome 40 million people each year. sand

These days it seems ___ (9) to describe Floridas geography and point

climate. After all, few people would have ___ (10) in finding it on difficult

map and most would know what weather to expect there.

3. Choose the most suitable word for each space. After more than fifty years of television, it might seem only obvious to conclude that it is here to ___ (1). There have been many objections to it during this time and ___ (2) variety of grounds. Did it cause eye‑strain? Was the ___ (3) bombarding us with radioactivity? Did the advertisements ___ (4) subliminal messages, persuading us to buy more? Did children turn to violence through watching it, either because so ___ (5) programmes taught them how to shoot, rob, and kill, or because they had to do something to counteract the hours they had ___ (6) glued to the tiny screen? Or did it simply create vast passive ___ (7), drugged by glamorous serials and inane situation ___ (8)? On the other hand, did it increase anxiety by sensationalising the news (or the news which was ___ (9) by suitable pictures) and filling our living rooms with war and political unrest? ___ (10) in ll, television proved to be the all‑purpose scapegoat for the second half of the century, ___ (11) for everything, but above all, eagerly watched. For no ___ (12) how much we despised it, were bored by it, or felt that it took us away from the old paradise of family conversation and hobbies ___ (13) as collecting stamps, we never turned it off. We ___ (14) staring at the screen, aware that our own tiny ___ (15) was in it if we looked carefully.

1. a) long b) stay c) exist d) be 2. a) with b) over c) by d) on

3. a) screen b) danger c) machine d) reason

4. a) contain b) of c) take d) having

5. a) that b) far c) many d) what

6. a) almost b) spent c) quite d) madly

7. a) programme b) personality c) audience d) tense

8. a) comedies b) programmes c) perhaps d) consequently

9. a) taken b) presented c) capable d) accompanied

10. a) Taken b) All c) Somewhat d) Thus

11. a) broadcasting b) looking c) blamed d) ready

12. a) one b) matter c) difference d) reason

13. a) known b) even c) described d) such

14. a) refused b) received c) turned d) kept

15. a) fault b) reflection c) situation d) consciousness

Test 4 1. Read the text and put the words at the end of each line into the correct form.

The American People Black, white, rich, poor you can find them all in the US, one of big

the ___ (1) countries in the world. The great American idea ___ (2) that all these people always be

should become something new. They should leave their old ___ (3) behind and become life

American. In some ways, the idea ___ (4). work

Many people ___ (5) where their grandparents came from. forget

They share the ideas, experiences, and feelings that make up the American culture. now ask

But new questions ___ (6). Some people wonder if too much ___ (7). lose

They are becoming more interested in the countries their families leave

once ___ (8). They are not sure if new immigrants should try ___ (9) their own forget

languages and cultures so completely. Americans talk great deal about

how wonderful it is to be American. The reason may be because they need to

keep ___ (10) themselves that that is what they are. remind

2. Read the text. Use the word given at the end of each line to form a word that fits the space in the same line. Dear Sir or Madam,

I read your ___ (1) in International Business advertise

magazine and I am writing for more information concerning entry ___ (2) require

for the course in English Language. Could you tell me what language ___ (3) qualify

are required? I do not possess the First Certificate and would like to know

if ___ (4) on the course depends on having the FCE? In fact, as I am an accept

___ (5) for an international company I would be interested in a course account

which focuses on language ___ (6) for both social and develop

___ (7) purposes. I would also like to know the ___ (8) from the busy, distant

college to London and if ___ (9) at all classes is obligatory, attend

or whether an occasional ___ (10) for purposes of travel be acceptable. absent

I look forward to hearing from you.

Yours faithfully,

Nelson Fernandez

3. Choose the most suitable word for each space. Nobody knows for certain what the origin of music was. Music is certainly older than poetry and painting but as early man had no way of ___ (1) it, we can only ___ (2) what it sounded like. Watching child ___ (3) on drum with its hands or ___ (4) of wood, it is easy to see that this is the simplest of instruments. It does not ___ (5) much effort to produce rhythm on it. Wall paintings show what some of the first instruments ___ (6) like. Early civilisations had already discovered the three basic ___ (7) of producing music: blowing into tube, striking an object, and scraping string. We know that western music comes from the ___ (8) Greeks. The musical scales we use now are ___ (9) on certain sequences of notes which the Greeks used to create particular ___ (10). Until the 16th century, most players of instruments were ___ (11) performers, but as music became more ___ (12), orchestras and musical groups began to ___ (13). This ___ (14) about the writing of music to be played by several musicians at one time. This can certainly be ___ (15) the birth of modern music.

1. a) recording b) playing c) producing d) performing 2. a) think b) reckon c) guess d)realise

3. a) hitting b) knocking c) crashing d) banging

4. a) slice b) point c) piece d) shape

5. a) make b) call c) take d) do

6. a) looked b) appeared c) felt d) sounded

7. a) forms b) manners c) systems d) ways

8. a) ancient b) old c) aged d) antique

9. a) raised b) based c) established d) supported

10. a) spirit b) temper c) mood d) humour

11. a) separate b) lonely c) unique d) single

12. a) widespread b) enlarged c) expanded d) extended

13. a) turn b) appear c) spring d) be

14. a) produced b) affected c) caused d) brought

15. a) appointed b) called c) decided d) named

Test 5 1. Read the text and put the words at the end of each line into the correct form.

One morning Mr Sherlock Holmes was sitting in his room in Baker Street.

His friend Dr Watson was standing near the window ___ (1) at a walking stick. look

This stick ___ (2) by a strange visitor the day before. The words forget

To Dr Mortimer ___ (3) on it. Dr Watson had already been examining write

it for half an hour but ___ (4) say anything about it. Suddenly not can

Sherlock Holmes ___ (5), The owner of this stick has a dog which is say

___ (6) than a terrier. I have noticed the marks of a dogs ___ (7) large, tooth

on the stick. Probably the dog often ___ (8) the stick behind the carry

master. I wonder why this man wanted to visit us, asked Dr Watson.

Well, we soon ___ (9), answered Sherlock Holmes. I can hear know

the bell ___ (10). ring

Read the text. Use the word given at the end of each line to form a word that fits the space in the same line. School Then and Now Parents and teachers are always making ___ (1) compare

between the time when they were ___ (2) and the child

present ___ (3). They say everything was better than it generate

is today, especially in ___ (4). For example, they say they educate

used to work much ___ (5) in school, and that nowadays, we hard

arent very interested. I ___ (6), because we spend hours agree

every day doing homework after our lessons or ___ (7) for revise

___ (8). I wonder if our parents really had to study so much examine

after school every day. In my opinion, it is no ___ (9) to exaggerate

say we have forgotten how to play. I think one reason why kids behave

___ (10) in class is because they need to get rid of stress.

3. Choose the most suitable word for each space. According to group called The Voices Foundation, everyone has singing voice as well as speaking voice somewhere inside them. This, they say, should be encouraged from an early ___ (1) because it provides the best, and the cheapest, ___ (2) on which to build an understanding of music. ___ (3) the Foundations ideas, lies the teaching of the Hungarian composer Zoltan Kodaly. He observed that song can ___ (4) key part of the relationship between mother and child almost from birth. This is especially ___ (5) of more traditional societies, like those of West Africa, where some small children are ___ (6) to sing literally hundreds of songs, all of which have been learnt by ___ (7). But many modern children first ___ (8) to an understanding of music when they learn to play an instrument, and ___ (9) some teaching of the theory of music is usually part of this, their relationship with the music on the ___ (10) is often mechanical one. The ___ (11) of the Voices Foundation is that natural ___ (12) for rhythm, harmony and musical structure, the very ___ (13) we appreciate in the greatest musicians, can only be achieved through the exploration of music with the voice from the start. The Foundation has, therefore, ___ (14) itself the task of developing singing‑centred musical education programme that could ___ (15) junior pupils all over the world.

1. a) start b) life c) time d) age 2. a) ground b) basis c) root d) plot

3. a) Behind b) Beneath c) Besides d) Between

4. a) grow b) do c) form d) make

5. a) fact b) true c) real d) actual

d) fit 6. a) able b) expert c) skilled

7. a) repeat b) heart c) memory d) mind

8. a) come b) reach c) go d) arrive

9. a) however b) despite c) although d) whether

10. a) lines b) notes c) book d) page

11. a) rule c) trust d) belief b) certainty

12. a) awareness b) touch c) grasp d) feeling

13. a) degrees b) qualities c) measures d) practices

14. a) let b) set c) put d) cut

15. a) benefit b) favour c) gain d) profit

Test 6 1. Read the text and put the words at the end of each line into the correct form.

A Practical Joke Mr and Mrs Parker were having a quiet day at home. Their

18‑year‑old daughter was away in Wales ___ (1) with a friend. Suddenly stay

the phone ___ (2). A hoarse voice told Mr Parker that his daughter ring

___ (3) and that he had to pay a ransom of $2,000. He was also warned that kidnap

if he ___ (4), he would never see his daughter again. The voice then not pay

gave him instructions about where and when to hand over the money. one

Mr Parker took the ___ (5) train to Wales. He went to the hotel and gave

the briefcase with the money to a woman in a scarf and a raincoat. At 11 p.m.

the same evening, to his great relief, his daughter came back home. She happy

looked ___ (6) than ever and could hardly stop herself from ___ (7) laugh

when she handed him his briefcase with $2,000. It turned out that she decide

and her friend ___ (8) to play a practical joke. The joke ___ (9) but, work

strangely enough, Mr and Mrs Parker ___ (10) it as much as their not enjoy

daughter did!

2. Read the text. Use the word given at the end of each line to form a word that fits the space in the same line. How to Learn Vocabulary Students are under enormous pressure to learn

huge amounts of vocabulary but they are rarely given ___ (1) as to how to guide

go about it. They have a ___ (2) to try and learn long lists by tend

heart, but this is hardly the most ___ (3) approach to the problem. efficiency

The golden rule is to do lots of ___ (4) at regular intervals. Secondly, revise

students should concentrate on words with the highest ___ (5), particularly frequent

everyday words which also improve the students spoken ___ (6). fluent

They should also take every opportunity to use the words in communication

there is considerable ___ (7) evidence that learners who like psychology

using the foreign language improve their oral ___ (8) and their perform

overall ___ (9) of the language much more rapidly than acquire

students who are ___ (10) to practise the language in real situations. reluctance

3. Choose the most suitable word for each space. Keeping fit and staying healthy have become growing industry. ___ (1) apart from the amount of money spent each year on doctors ___ (2) and approved medical treatment, huge sums are now spent on health foods and ___ (3) of various kinds, from vitamin pills to mineral water, not to mention health clubs and keep‑fit ___ (4) and videos. We are more concerned than ever, it seems, ___ (5) the water we drink and the air we breathe, and are smoking less, though not yet drinking less alcohol. This does not appear to mean that ___ (6) and sneezes have been banished, or that we can all expect to live to hundred. To give personal example, one of my friends, who is keep‑fit ___ (7), non‑smoker and teetotaller, and who is very ___ (8) about what he eats, is at present languishing in bed with wrist in ___ (9) and badly sprained ankle. Part of his healthy ___ (10) is to play squash every day after work, and that ___ (11) for the ankle. He also cycles everywhere, and if you have ever tried to cycle through the rushhour traffic with sprained ankle, you will understand ___ (12) he acquired the broken wrist. For _____ (13), it seems, is not just matter of good ___ (14) and plenty of exercise. Too much exercise can be harmful, as many joggers have discovered. Eating the right food can easily become an obsession, as can overworking, which you might have to do so as to be able to afford your ___ (15) of the squash club, your mountain bike, your health food, and few holidays in peaceful and healthy places.

1. a) Poles b) Far ) Quite d) So 2. a) prescriptions b) surgeries c) hospitals d) payments

3. a) medications b) cures c) drugs d) remedies

4. a) books b) television c) advice d) enthusiasts

5. a) than b) about c) for d) hence

6. a) colds b) coughs c) flu d) fevers

7. a) fanatic b) follower c) fad d) person

8. a) interested b) varied c) detailed d) particular

9. a) crutches b) plaster c) treatment d) danger

10. a) living b) lifetime c) lifestyle d) liveliness

11. a) is b) caters c) depends d) accounts

12. a) how b) that c) whenever d) thus

13. a) fit b) this c) health d) all

14. a) diet b) eating c) menu d) recipe

15. a) share b) visit c) membership d) subscription

Test 7 1. Read the text and put the words at the end of each line into the correct form.

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