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Как сделать разговор полезным и приятным Как сделать объемную звезду своими руками Как сделать то, что делать не хочется? Как сделать погремушку Как сделать неотразимый комплимент Как сделать так чтобы женщины сами знакомились с вами Как сделать идею коммерческой Как сделать хорошую растяжку ног? Как сделать наш разум здоровым? Как сделать, чтобы люди обманывали меньше Вопрос 4. Как сделать так, чтобы вас уважали и ценили? Как сделать лучше себе и другим людям Как сделать свидание интересным?


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Test 8. Say or tell ? Choose the correct variant. 1. George couldn’t help me. He (said/told) me to ask Kate.

2. Kate (said/told) she had many pets at home.

3. Ann (said/told) goodbye to me and left.

4. Sam (said/told) me that Robert didn’t like porridge.

5. I asked him to (say/tell) the truth.

6. Don’t just stand there! (Say/Tell) something!

7. I (said/told) Jim not to shout.

8. Mother (said/told) her son to go to the dentist.

9. (Say/Tell) us about your holiday, please. Did you have a nice time?

10. My cousin (said/told) he could ski well.

11. She (said/told) us her knowledge of French was good.

12. I wonder where Sue is. She (said/told) she would be here at 8 o’clock.

13. Jack (said/told) me that he was fed up with his job.

14. The doctor (said/told) that I should rest for at least a week.

15. Don’t (say/tell) anybody what I (said/told). It’s a secret just between us.

16. ‘Did she (say/tell) you what had happened?’ ‘No, she didn’t (say/tell) anything to me.’

17. Please listen to me! I’ve got something important to (say/tell) you.

18. Fred (said/told) me that you were ill.

19. What did you (say/tell) the police?

20. He (said/told) he had just heard the news.

Test 9. Fill in a suitable form of a verb from the list: say, tell, speak, talk . You can use some verbs more than once. 1. Tom ___ ‘This is great!’

2. She ___ that she might be late.

3. He ___ us the answer.

4. I’m going to ___ something to the neighbours about the noise.

5. She ___ us about her travels around North.

6. ___ us about Africa.

7. I’m going to ___ something about my trip to Africa.

8. The clock ___ it’s five past ten.

9. The newspaper ___ there’s been a hijacking.

10. People ___ he’s a bit crasy.

11. ___ me what you need.

12. It’s impossible to ___ the twins apart.

13. ___ we do this, what would happen?

14. Have you ___ anything to in your defense?

15. She ___ them that she might be late.

16. The policeman ___ me to go with him.

17. I ___ you the reason why I was out late.

18. I’ve never ___ a lie in my whole life.

19. Let’s ___ about the problem.

20. She often ___ about her days as a student.

21. The lecturer is going to ___ about the modern art.

22. Let’s just ___ he doesn’t always ___ the truth.

23. The label ___ it was produced in America.

24. He ___ me to close the door.

25. ‘Close the door,’ he ___.

26. If you have something to ___, say it now.

27. ___ her how to do it.

28. The letter ___ we’ve won first prize.

29. I didn’t do it – somebody’s been ___ tales.

30. She ___ goodbye to her parents.

Test 10. Read the text and add the word which best fits each space: talk, give, say, turn down, persuade, tell, discuss, deny, refuse, convince.A Friend In Need I can’t ___ (1) when I first realised that Billy was in trouble with the police. He had often ___ (2) to me about his problems and, as his friend, I had ___ (3) him the best advice I could. I also ___ (4) I’d let him come and stay with me but he ___ (5) my offer. I tried to ___ (6) him to stop spending so much money at his club and to sit down and ___ (7) his problems with me but he ___ (8) me to mind my own business. It was difficult to ___ (9) to him after this but I was ___ (10) he was getting into deeper trouble all the time. He had often ___ (11) having anything to do with the local gangs. But then the police came round and asked me to ___ (12) them information about Billy and I couldn’t ___ (13), though I avoided ___ (14) them anything that might do him harm. They asked me to ___ (15) them more details but I managed to convince them that I had (16) the truth.


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