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Как сделать разговор полезным и приятным Как сделать объемную звезду своими руками Как сделать то, что делать не хочется? Как сделать погремушку Как сделать неотразимый комплимент Как противостоять манипуляциям мужчин? Как сделать так чтобы женщины сами знакомились с вами Как сделать идею коммерческой Как сделать хорошую растяжку ног? Как сделать наш разум здоровым? Как сделать, чтобы люди обманывали меньше Вопрос 4. Как сделать так, чтобы вас уважали и ценили? Как сделать лучше себе и другим людям Как сделать свидание интересным?


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Test 9. Fill in the spaces in the following text using a suitable form of the words given at the end of the lines. Memorial Day in the USA

Honoring the dead has been a practice of many ___ (1). civil

The ancient Druids, Greeks, and Romans ___ (2) decoration

the graves of their loved ones with flowers.

In the United States, the ___ (3) have been death

honored on Memorial Day since the time of the Civil

War. In 1967 a ___ (4) of President Johnson proclaim

and a ___ (5) congressional resolution officially join

recognized Waterloo as ‘the birthplace of Memorial

Day’. And the Memorial Day is ___ (6) on observation

the last Monday of May. Each year the President of

the US issues a special Memorial Day ___ (7) which proclaim

includes a call for ___ (8) to observe the city

occasion as a day of prayer for ___ (9). peaceful

Memorial Day observances are by no means ___ (10) limit

to the big ___ (11) cemeteries. In towns and cities,

across the land, veterans’ groups, civic ___ (12), nation

family groups, and individuals decorate graves organize

with flowers or with small American flags. In many

communities there are parades. Parade ___ (13) include participate

veterans and armed forces and a lot of other

people. Memorial Day has also ___ (14) marked tradition

the ___ (15) of summer. begin

Test 10. Fill in the spaces in the following text using a suitable form of the words given at the end of the lines. This ___ (1) was built in the 1920s and became showcase for ___ (2). neighbour, architecture

Each architect had one plot on which to ___ (3) one house. In spite of this, builder

the area has a ___ (4) unified style. Look, for example, at these wonderful

houses on our left. At that time very few people lived in their owner

___ (5) apartments; those flats had no ___ (6) water, bathrooms and other run , convenient

___ (7). And here was a ___ (8) building project which attempted mass

both to show the ___ (9) styles in which apartments could be difference

built, and to improve ___ (10) conditions. live

Test 11. Fill in the spaces in the following text using a suitable form of the words given at the end of the lines. Life used to be ___ (1) for teenag ers. They used to have money to funny

spend, and ___ (2) time to spend it in. They used to wear ___ (3) freedom

clothes, and meet in coffee bars and discos. Some of them still teenager

do. But for many young people, life is harder now. Jobs are ___ (4) to find. difficulty

There’s not so much money around. Teachers say that students work ___ (5) hard

than they used to. They are ___ (6) interested in politics, little

and more interested in ___ (7) exams. They know that good exams pass

may get them ___ (8) jobs. Most young people worry more about good

money than their parents did twenty years ago. They try to spend little

___ (9) and save ___ (10). They want to be able to get many

homes of their own one day. Three quarters of ___ (11) young Britain

people do more or less what their parents did. They did their ___ (12) good

at school, find some kind of work in the end, and get married in

their early ___ (13). They get on well with their parents and twenty

enjoy their ___ (14). They eat fish and chips, watch football on live

TV, go the pub and like ___ (15). After all, if they didn’t, they read

wouldn’t be British, would they?

Test 12. Fill in the spaces in the following text using a suitable form of the words given at the end of the lines. As your children move towards ___ (1) it is ___ (2) to make depend

sure that they understand what decent values are. To importance

prevent children from becoming ___ (3) and ___ (4) you should spoil

not indulge them too much. To make sure that they grow up greed

well– ___ (5) they should be taught to be ___ (6) from an manner

early age. Children should be scolded for bad ___ (7), politeness

which will be an effective way of helping ___ (8) to distinguish behave

right from wrong. You need to reward your ___ (9) when they they

do things well to give them a sense of ___ (10) but you must child

be careful not to overdo it or they may become ___ (11). proud

You should try to make your children ___ (12) and respectful conceit

of other peoples beliefs by exposing them to ___ (13) tolerate

races and cultures. Parents should try to place great difference

___ (14) on setting a good example to their children, important

because children’s behaviour is often an ___ (15) of that imitate

of their parents.

Test 13. Fill in the spaces in the following text using a suitable form of the words given at the end of the lines. The ___ (1) of children starts as soon as they are born. Boys are educate

allowed to make more ___ (2), to play with guns and cause more noisy

trouble. Such education prepares boys for ___ (3) in the world powerful

but for little else. But all boys are ___ (4). Some boys are differen

good at ___ (5) and poetry whereas others are good at football cook

or maths. Boys aren’t just ___ (6) and rebels, ‘machos’ and conform

‘wimps’. If we can ___ (7) them that all these types are okay, assurance

it may help to reduce the ___ (8) of those boys who are the least macho. bully

Test 14. Fill in the spaces in the following text using a suitable form of the words given at the end of the lines. The ___ (1) of fingerprints reached Britain in 1901 and systematize

proved ___ (2). In 1930, Scotland Yard set up its first use

___ (3) system to enable officers to compare fingerprints found on classify

the scene of the crime with those of ___ (4) known to the crime

police. Fingerprint technology has advanced ___ (5) since then. great

Different types of powder are used to ___ (6) the impression of the strength

fingerprint before it is taken. Another ___ (7) revolutionary

has been in the way that fingerprints are identified. Today, the

first ___ (8) is done by the computer, which then produces searching

a ___ (9) of possible matches. The final ___ (10) however is select

done by police experts. identify

Test 15. Fill in the spaces in the following text using a suitable form of the words given at the end of the lines. In the past, any mother would be ___ (1) if her children were pride

round and slightly fat. Those days are gone. ___ (2) have now research

reached the ___ (3) that too much fat and sugar in children’s conclude

diets are a major factor in the ___ (4) of heart diseases and develop

other ___ (5) when they are older. However, growing children need ill

to eat a wide range of foods, and their general health could be

___ (6) by cutting out particular ones. Psychologists say that the danger

___ (7) is not to change eating habits too fast, but to do it ___ (8), solve

so that children do not lose muscle in addition to fat. Parents should care

present food a little ___ (9), spread butter thinly and avoid difference

putting sugar on the table. Children should also be ___ (10) to courage

take part in sports: this way they will be using the calories

that they have eaten.

Test 16. Fill in the spaces in the following sentences using a suitable form of the words given at the end of the lines. 1. What can we do to reduce the ___ of the atmosphere? pollute

2. The change in the climate has produced ___ floods. disaster

3. Many rare species are threatened with ___. extinct

4. Many of the gases produced by factories are ___ to our health. harm

5. Exhaust fumes have ___ effects on the environment. damage

6. Many countries must try and control the growth of the ___. populate

7. Protecting the environment is essential to our ___. survive

8. The protection of the environment is everyone’s ___. responsible

9. While some countries get richer, the ___ in others get worse. poor

10. Millions of people in the world are threatened with ___. starve


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