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There is no bad weather, there are bad clothes. (Olympiad Form 9)

There are four seasons in the year. Each of them brings different weather and different dresses. When it is hot people wear T-shirts and shorts, light blouses and skirts, sport shoes, socks and sandals.

In cold weather people usually put on warm clothes: jeans and trousers, sweaters and jackets, overcoats and caps. In winter they wear fur coats and fur caps, high boots and mittens or gloves.

When Englishmen say «There is no bad weather, there are bad clothes», It means that they like all the seasons, all kinds of weather. Every season is good in its own way. Each person likes this or that season. It depends on his character, mood. They say that Pushkin liked autumn very much. This season is full of colors, bright and tasty. Autumn is full of vegetables and fruit, mushrooms and berries. There is nothing like Indian summer in autumn. As for me, I like to walk on the carpet of bright leaves listen to the last songs of birds flying to warm countries, look at the nature. It is like a fairy- tale. It fades away and nothing can be done. Soon drizzling rains will begin and everything will be dull and sad. But still I like autumn.

Winter in Belarus is also beautiful. It often snows in winter. Fluffy soft snowflakes fall to the ground making a beautiful thick carpet. Many people go to the forests and enjoy tobogganing and skiing, playing snowballs and making a snowman.

Spring is the beginning of new life. Nature awakens from its long winter sleep. The trees begin to bud and soon tiny green leaves appear. Young green grass appear, fruit trees begin to blossom. Everything looks magic covered with green carpet.

I like summer best because we have holiday and enjoy resting after a long school year.

In my opinion every season is beautiful and attractive.


There are four seasons in the year: winter, spring, summer and autumn. And every season has its charm: a sunny, frosty day in winter when everything is white and looks like a fairy-tale, a warm spring day, when little green leaves and grass are just appearing, a summer day after a thunder-storm when nature is so quiet and fresh, the air is pure and there is a rainbow in the sky, or an autumn day of Indian summer, when the leaves have already turned yellow and reddish and cover the ground with a multicolored carpet, when the sun shines but it is not hot, when nature slowly falls asleep

My favorite season is summer. You can easily guess why. The reason is quite obvious. In summer we have the longest holidays. Holidays are great; they shine out from the grey routines of everyday life. It’s nice to swim in the river on a hot summer day. I’m fond of lying in the sun and getting sunburnt. We play sports and go hiking. Nature is so charming in summer. The flowers are showing their colors: yellow, red, orange, violet, white, pink. The birds are singing their wonderful songs. The butterflies and bees are dancing in the air. Every creature on earth is thankful to the Sun. Indeed, there is a lot to be thankful for! I enjoy going to the forest and picking berries and mushrooms in summer. Imagine it’s a warm, rainy day and you are in a forest. You can find yourself under a branchy tree in the company of your dog and insects. We are all together; we feel the rain whispering to us something wonderful and comforting. The air is amazingly pure and fresh

When the weather is dry and warm farmers make hay and weed the plants. At the end of summer fruit and vegetables get ripe and very soon the harvest comes.

For many of us autumn starts on the 1st of September. This day is an official holiday- the Day of Knowledge. The weather is very changeable in autumn. Sometimes it’s warm and sunny, but sometimes it drizzles, the sky is grey and covered with clouds. The days become shorter and the nights longer. We see the birds flying away. They are no longer singing, they are “packing”. But there is a short spell of good warm weather at the end of October as if summer comes back to say “good-buy” to you. It is called an Indian summer.

Winter sets in December. Winter is the coldest season of the year. In winter the days become shorter and the nights are longer. The shortest day of the year is the 22nd of December. But winter days can also be beautiful with their sunshine and hoarfrost on the trees.. Winter is a very good time for sports. People go to the woods to ski, to make snowmen and to play snowballs, they can also go to the skating –rink and skate there. In winter we celebrate the most wonderful holiday New Year’s Day.

At the end of February or at the beginning of March the snow begins to melt and streams flow in the streets, birds come back from warm countries and make their nests, animals clean and build their shelters, insects wake up and look for food in green gardens. Fruit trees show themselves in their blossoming beauty. The first flowers – snowdrops appear in the woods. Nature returns to life. People spend a lot of time working in their gardens. Spring is one of the beloved seasons for many people. It’s a promising time for the old and the young.

To sum everything up I can say that every season is beautiful in its own way.


1. In what way does weather affect our lives?

The weather affects our lives in different ways. For example, the type of clothing we wear depends largely on the weather. We put on heavy clothes when it is cold and dress lightly when it is hot. We also heat our homes in cold weather and cool them in hot weather. The weather even affects our moods. People often feel more cheerful on a sunny day than on a cloudy and grey one.

The weather has an enormous impact on agriculture. Industry, transportation and communication also suffer during bad weather. Snow makes trains late. Fog often prevents airplanes from taking off. Icy roads slow traffic. Storms may break power lines and telephone wires. Thunderstorms may disturb radio and television broadcasts.

2. Is there any difference between weather and climate?

Weather is not the same as climate. Weather is the condition of the air during a brief period. Climate is the average weather of an area over a long time.. Weather may be hot or cold, cloudy or clear, windy or calm. Climate may be hot, cold, dry, wet, mild tropical, subtropical and continental.

3. What is a weather forecast?

Information about the weather that is likely to come is called a weather forecast.

5. What is meteorology?

Meteorology is the study of the earth’s atmosphere and the variations in atmospheric conditions that produce weather. Meteorologists measure wind, temperature, precipitation, air pressure and other atmospheric conditions. They also measure chemical substances in the atmosphere, such as carbon dioxide and ozone that affect the climate. By analyzing data about the atmosphere, meteorologists can predict weather conditions.

6. How can people predict weather?

People have tried to predict weather for thousands of years. Nowadays scientists use complex instruments such as radar, satellites and computers to forecast weather. There are regular local and national weather reports on television and radio during the day and in the evening.

7. Do you know any other ways of predicting weather?

You can forecast the weather thanks to observing nature, that is by watching birds and animals, insects and flowers. Some insects become more troublesome before a change in the weather. Flies and mosquitoes, for example, begin to hum and bite before the rain. If you see insects flying over flowers in large numbers, or birds flying lower that usual you should know that it may rain soon.. If you happen to see a bird hiding its head under its wing it means that it will become colder. A red evening sky tells of good weather the next day, to say nothing about a little yellow or green sky.

7. What natural disasters caused by weather and climate conditions can you name?

They are hail, storms, thunderstorms with lightning, hurricanes, tornadoes, typhoons, floods, droughts and others. These periods of violent weather can cause serious damage.

8. Is the climate in Belarus different from the climate in Great Britain?

I’d like to say that the weather in Belarus depends greatly on the climatic conditions. In Great Britain it depends on the sea and they say that they have no climate only weather as it may change several times during the day. The weather topic is the favorite with the English.

In general the climate in Belarus can be characterized as moderately continental. It means that winters are fairly cold and summers are moderately hot, though, of course, there may be exceptions

What questions would you like to ask a meteorologist?

1.What instruments do you use to predict weather? 2. Does weather observation help you to predict weather?3. Is it safe to trust weather observations? 4. Are your forecasts always correct? 5. What information helps you to design a weather map? 6. How was weather observed in ancient times? 7. Do you use computers in your work? 8. How will weather be predicted in future?

What can you advice a person who wants to become a meteorologist?

If you want to become a meteorologist you should always remember that your job is very responsible. Very often people’s health and sometimes even their lives depend on the accurate weather forecast.



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