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Minsk. (Olympiad Form 8-9)

There are many places in our country that we can be proud of, but Minsk is the most loved of them. Minsk is an ancient city with a rich history.

Today Minsk is a big growing city with its giant industrial enterprises, airports, the underground, universities, museums and art galleries.

I’d advise tourists to go the Philarmony, the Circus,Yanka Kupala Belarussian Drama Theatre, Opera and Ballet House, the Art Museum or concert halls.

Our capital is considered to be a beautiful, clean , green and calm city . It is the city with broad streets and avenues, shady parks. It would be wonderful to spend some time in the Gorky and Cheluskintsy parks or in the central botanical garden.

The guests of Minsk can enjoy restaurants and museums situated in one of the oldest districts “Troitskoe Predmestye”.

If you come to Minsk you should definitely visit its famous National Library or at least have a look at it. The design of the building of the National Library is unique. It is a diamond-shaped structure symbolizing the significance of learning. The core of the building is the elevator going through all the floors. Right at the entrance , the sculpture of the Belarussian printer Francysk Skorina is placed. The western wall is decorated by an alley commemorating great cultural figures of the past. A park is made around the library building.

Minsk Metro is also worth visiting. The metro is not only the means of transport. The architects and designers did their best to make the underground stations look pleasant and joyful. The stations are decorated with marble and granite. Beautiful lamps and remarkable mosaic make the stations look like halls of a palace. The Metro impresses everybody by its cleanliness.

I would also recommend walking along the city’s busiest streets, Nezavisimost avenue leading to Victory Square with the obelisk and the Eternal Flame in honour of the war victims. There are also other monuments and places to see in Minsk, memorials, museums, monuments, business and shopping centers.

If you come to Minsk you’ll certainly fall in love with our capital.

Novopolotsk. ( Olympiad. Form 8-9)

Novopolotsk is my native town. I was born here and the dearest people to me, my family and my friends live here. It’s a city in Vitebsk region of Belarus with a population of about100 thousand. The city was founded in 1985, it is located close to the city of Polotsk and the name literary means “New Polotsk”.

The history of Novopolotsk dates back to the year 1958, when a large number of enthusiasts, , workers and builders seeking for new experiences and romantic feelings came to establish a new town. There was a reason for that: a big oil refinery plant was to be set up. When new factories were being built they were placed far enough from Polotsk so that the radiation and dangerous gases wouldn’t reach the city. However it was later decided that it would be acceptable to built a few buildings closer to the factory for the workers to live in. With them came a hospital, a fire station and a school. A few more buildings were built and the city of Novopolotsk was born. The population grew over the years, even though it was located dangerously close to several factories

Nowadays Novopolotsk has grown into a clean, green city that stands proudly on the river Dvina. It has 15 secondary schools, many kindergartens and the Polotsk State University, lots of modern buildings and shopping centres. Novopolotsk is one of the youngest towns in Belarus, but it has its symbols. They are an anthem, a flag and an emblem. The emblem is a flower. It’s a white water-lily. Novopolotsk is famous for its chemical plants “Naftan” and “Polymir” and for its talented, hard-working and hospitable people, sportsmen, painters and musicians.

In conclusion I’d like to say that there is no place like home. And I’m proud of my native town and I think it’s the best place in the world.

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