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Belarus. Places of Interest. ( Olympiad. Form 8)

Today Belarus is becoming more and more popular with tourists. If you want to learn more about the history of our country you can visit the places of exceptional interest that can be found in all regions of Belarus. Many of them are examples of unique architecture and of great historical value. The most famous of them are Nesvizh Castle, Mir Castle, Zaslavl Castle the towns of Polotsk and Novogrudok and many others.

Nesvizh is one of the oldest settlements in Belarus. The exact data of its foundation is unknown. At the beginning of the 16th century Nesvizh went into the possession of the Radzivills and developed into a powerful and prosperous European town. The town was repeatedly destroyed in numerous wars and conflicts but some of the unique pieces of creative work have survived in Nesvizh till nowadays. They are Nesvizh Palace, the Slutskaya Brama, the Town Hall and others.

Other remarkable sites of Belarusian architectural history are the Sophia Cathedral and Efrosinya Church in Polotsk, the Drutsk Temple near Tolochin.

There are also modern historic memorials like the Buynichi Field , the Khatyn Memorial Complex, the Brest Fortress which remind us of the glorious victories as well as tragedies suffered by Belarusian people during the Second World War.

When you travel in Belarus you should definitely visit Minsk, the capital of our country. It’s a clean, green city that stands on the river Svisloch. It is famous for its museums and theatres. Troitskoye Suburb is one of the oldest parts in Minsk.

If you love nature there are a lot of National parks and reserves. They are Belovezhskaya Pushcha, Braslavsky and Narochansky National Parks, Beresinsky Reserve and others. They ensure the best protection for the rarest examples of Belarussian nature. Here one can enjoy the diversity of flora and fauna, some of which have survived only in Belarus.

The natural environment of Belarus is incredibly rich and varied. The beauty of its natural landscapes continues to charm its inhabitants and visitors. Actually Belarus is one of the few remaining places on our planet where one can see the miracle of the untouched nature. This very fact creates favorable conditions for developing tourism and recreation services.

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