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Living in the country vs living in the city, types of houses

Houses and Homes.

There are different types of houses in Great Britain. They are detached, semidetached, terraced houses. Some people live in mansions, bungalows,cottages and flats. In Belarussian towns most people live in flats but nowadays a lot of nice, spacious cottages are being built around small towns and big cities. People who live in the country usually have their private wooden houses

Living in a city.

I think it’s much more exciting to live in a big city than in a small town or in the country. First of all, there are always lots of people around, even at night, and some of the shops stay open 24 hours a day

Life is never dull. There is a wide choice of entertainments, such as concerts, theatres and exhibitions (In small towns, on the other hand, there’s usually nothing to do, except to go to the cinema or meet your friends in a café.)

You can’t but agree that a big city offers a variety of good things in life. I mean big stores, restaurants, different services, accommodation with all modern conveniences, more opportunities to get good education, more chances of getting a well-paid job. Besides,in a city you can see all sorts of unusual people wearing different fashions (but in a small town, I think, everyone looks almost exactly the same as everyone else)

Some people dislike living in a city because it is often crowded and noisy. They also suffer from pollution Too much noise makes them nervous and stressed but to me the crowds and activity are very exciting.

It’s true that living in the country means being closer to nature. The country is really nice, I mean fresh air, nice scenery, birds singing their wonderful songs, flowers and things like that. It’s really nice to go to the country to spend your holidays or the weekend. The city life is often extremely tiring, and you need to get away from all usual routines, to escape from the stress and the strain of everyday life

One more good thing about living in a city is that it’s easy to get around on public transport, and in any case everything I need is within easy walking distance. So I wouldn’t like to live anywhere else but in a big city

Prove that there are some disadvantages in living in the country

Personally I’d prefer to live in the city rather than in the country. I can bring some arguments that prove that there some disadvantages in living in the country. First, country life isn’t full of variety. It’s a place where nothing goes on from one week to another. People in the country tend to look older than people in towns and as a rule there are more gossips in the country than in a big city.

It’s a well-known fact that services there are worse. I mean schools, hospitals, shops etc. There is a small choice of educational establishments and a small choice of transport. It’s difficult to find a well-paid job. Living in the country you have to be sociable with everyone, everyone wants to know as much as possible about your personal life. You can’t but mention the lack of modern conveniences. No cold and hot running water, no central heating. You don’t have many useful things that make your life easier. So I don’t think it’s a good idea to live in the country all your life.

Imagine your ideal house in the country

Well, if I lived in the country I would make my house as cozy as possible. It would be light and attractive and it would have all modern conveniences. There would be a green grass-plot with beautiful flowers, trees, bushes and hedges near the house. There’d also be some fountains to water these plants. The rooms in my house would be of unusual design. It would be a mixture of classical and vulgar, silly and quite serious. There would be a lot of flowers inside the house. I’d like to have a house somewhere not far from a city, so that if I got bored I could go to the city and enjoy the pleasures of civilization

Types of houses.

In towns in Britain there are three main types of houses: detached, semidetached and terraced. A detached house, standing in its own plot of land, is usually more expensive than the others. A semi-detached house (also called a ‘semi’) is similar, but shares one wall with its neighbor. It is normally smaller than a detached house. Most of these houses have two stores, with two rooms and a kitchen downstairs and a bedroom and bathroom upstairs. A terraced house is one of a row of houses, often built in blocks of four or more and sometimes extending the entire length of the street. Bungalows (single-storey detached houses) are popular especially with elderly people because there are no stairs to climb. They are often found in seaside towns on the south coast, where many retired people live. the traditional country dwelling is the cottage. This is usually a small, old, detached or semi-detached house, often picturesque with old wooden beams inside, and perhaps a thatched roof and an attractive flower garden. Flats are found mainly in towns, although they can also be self-contained units in converted country houses or hotels. Modern flats are often built in the form of large blocks of flats. Flats may be owned by the people who live in them, or rented from a private landlord or local authority. House are usually bought and sold in Britain through an estate agent. When people move into a new house or flat they usually have a housewarming party.


City and country

Lots of people prefer living in cities rather than in the countryside because it is often easier to get good education and find a well-paid job. Besides there is usually a wide choice of public transport, so you don’t need to own a car, which is necessary when you live in the countryside. What is more there are a lot of interesting things to do and places to see. If you live in the village, you have almost nowhere to go, but if you live in the city, you can eat in good restaurants, visit museums and go to the theatre and concerts. All in all, city life is full of bustle and variety, and you will never feel bored.

However, some people choose to live in the countryside because living in the city is often very expensive. It is particularly difficult to find good cheap accommodation. What is more, public transport is sometimes crowded and dirty, particularly in the rush hour, and even parks can become very crowded, especially on Sundays when it seems that very city-dweller is looking for some open space or green grass. On the contrary, the air in the countryside is very clean and there are no noisy crowds, so living in the country can be useful for your health. Last of all, despite all the crowds, it is still possible to feel very lonely in a city because people often don’t know their neighbors’

whereas in the countryside people know each other and you have lots of friends


In my opinion it’s possible to solve most of the problems of big cities, for example, the problem of pollution. Cutting down on emissions from large combustion plants and exhaust fumes from vehicles would help solve the problem. I think we should try and use alternative energy such as solar energy and wind energy and design plants and cars that run on electricity, a much cleaner fuel than petrol. In addition, I think the government should ban cars from city centers. We can also improve the situation if the government encourages people to use the underground more. I would argue that if the underground was made cheaper, many people would elide to leave their cars at home.

As for me, I would prefer city life because I am keen on visiting theatres, cinemas, museums and galleries and don’t mind noise and pollution. Besides, my city offers me good opportunities to continue my education and I hope to find a prestigious job in the future. However, I enjoy the peace and fresh air of the countryside and in summer I usually go to my country house where I have a good time with my friends.


What questions will you ask your parents about the flat your family is going to move into?

  1. Is the flat spacious enough? 2. How many rooms are there in the flat? 3. What modern conveniences are there in the flat? 4. What floor is the flat on? 5. How many balconies does the flat have? 6. Where is the balcony look out on? 7. Is it far from the city centre?

Do you find your town a comfortable place for living?

I personally like my native town and think it’s a nice place for living. First of all it is situated in a very picturesque place. There is a wonderful pine forest near the town where you can gather mushrooms and berries in summer and enjoy the beauty of nature or you can have a rest on the bank of the Dvina River….


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