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Как сделать разговор полезным и приятным Как сделать объемную звезду своими руками Как сделать то, что делать не хочется? Как сделать погремушку Как сделать так чтобы женщины сами знакомились с вами Как сделать идею коммерческой Как сделать хорошую растяжку ног? Как сделать наш разум здоровым? Как сделать, чтобы люди обманывали меньше Вопрос 4. Как сделать так, чтобы вас уважали и ценили? Как сделать лучше себе и другим людям Как сделать свидание интересным?


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Read the text. Use the word given at the end of each line to form a word that fits the space in the same line. А magazine _____ (1) asked people what they thought the most recent

useful _____ (2) of the last century was. It is а very _____ (3) invent, interest

question, since technology has _____ (4) our lives today. Lots of transform

people said cars, but I _____ (5). Although cars have made life easier agree

in some ways, I believe they have serious _____ (6). The worst advantage

thing about cars is that they are so _____ (7). They also cause noise

а lot of _____ (8). Other people said TV. Of course, _____ (9) will pollute, entertain

never be the same again and it can be _____ (10) to watch TV after relax

а long day. And what’s your opinion?

3. Choose the most suitable word for each space. Thirteen‑year‑olds do not spend as much money as their parents suspect – at least not _____ (1) the findings of a _____ (2) survey, Money and Change. The survey _____ (3) three hundred teenagers, 13–17 years old, from _____ (4). By the time they _____ (5) their teens, most children see their weekly allowance rise dramatically to an amazing national average of $8. Two thirds think they get _____ (6) money, but most expect to have to do something to get it. Although they have more cash, worry about debt is _____ (7) among teenagers. Therefore, the _____ (8) of children _____ (9) an effort to save for the future. Greater access to cash _____ (10) teenagers does not, however, mean that they are more irresponsible _____ (11) a result. The economic recession seems to have encouraged _____ (12) attitudes to money, even in case of children at these ages. Instead of wasting what pocket _____ (13) they have on sweets or magazines, the 13‑year‑olds who took _____ (14) in the survey seem to _____ (15) to the situation by saving more than half of their cash.

b) based on c) relying on d) according to 1. a) counting on 2. a) late b) recent c) latest d) fresh

3. a) included b) contained c) counted d) enclosed

4. a) entire b) all over c) complete d) the whole

5. a) reach b) get c) make d) arrive

6. a) acceptable b) adequate c) satisfactory d) enough

7. a) gaining b) heightening c) increasing d) building

8. a) most b) maximum c) many d) majority

9. a) make b) do c) have d) try

10. a) among b) through c) between d) along

11. a) like b) as c) for d) in

d) cautious 12. a) aware b) knowing c) helpful

13. a) cash b) money c) change d) savings

14. a) part b) place c) share d) piece

15. a) reply b) answer c) respond d) return

Test 14 1. Read the text and put the words at the end of each line into the correct form.

The United States has strong political and military ties to governments in

all areas of the world. America’s alliances _____ (1) by its formidable back

military and nuclear forces. Over 2 million _____ (2) are members of the man

armed forces. About one _____ (3) of the United four

States military personnel serve over seas. Most of its overseas

forces _____ (4) in Western Europe under provisions of the NATO. This concentrate

military alliance _____ (5) the defense of member nations. guarantee

Since 1949, when the alliance _____ (6), the United States create

_____ (7) as Western Europe’s military leader. America’s political act

and military strength _____ (8) by its powerful economy. Although it is neither generate

the world’s _____ (9) nor _____ (10) nation, its economic output large

is twice Russia’s, three times Japan’s, and six times Germany’s. populous

Read the text. Use the word given at the end of each line to form a word that fits the space in the same line. Thanks to the Internet, we are now living in a _____ (1) village. globe

We have more _____ (2) about other countries than ever before. inform

We know as much about the _____ (3) in the US as in Russia. _____ (4) situate, pollute

which is produced in one country will affect other countries, too.

For example, nuclear power is not _____ (5) only for one country danger

but is an _____ (6) problem. If we do not take action soon, nation

the _____ (7) of a nuclear disaster is very real. We should all possible

_____ (8) our rubbish – not hope ‘green’ people will do it for us. cycle

Some people think _____ (9) resources will go on forever, but they won’t. nature

We all have an _____ (10) to protect the environment. oblige

3. Choose the most suitable word for each space. The three blank spaces _____ (1) the wall of the Frankfurt Schirn Gallery are probably more photographed than the old paintings which _____ (2) there until last Thursday. That was the day when thieves _____ (3) two paintings by JMW Turner, which were _____ (4) loan from London’s Tate Gallery. In fact, as theft increases, empty walls are _____ (5) an increasingly familiar _____ (6) in Europe’s galleries. The thieves are usually _____ (7) of professional gangs who study the layout of their target in _____ (8) beforehand. They are becoming better at overcoming the tightest security. The thieves of Frankfurt waited _____ (9) the gallery closed at 10 pm, overpowered the security guard before he could _____ (10) on the alarm system and _____ (11) with the paintings to a waiting car. The pictures are _____ (12) at $65 million and, since they are _____ (13) famous to sell, police suspect that the thieves will hold them to ransom. A $100,000 reward is being _____ (14) for information. Unfortunately European Union policy has made it easier for thieves to _____ (15) borders and harder for police to follow them. To discourage thieves, galleries may have to turn themselves into high security fortresses.

1. a) in b) over c) on d) along 2. a) hung b) stayed c) held d) fixed

3. a) robbed b) stole c) burgled d) borrowed

4. a) for b) at c) in d) on

5. a) getting b) becoming c) having d) growing

6. a) sight b) scene c) site d) look

7. a) guest b) members c) partners d) owners

8. a) fact b) addition c) detail d) general

9. a) for b) while c) before d) until

10. a) turn b) go c) rely d) set

11. a) escaped b) parted c) got d) hid

12. a) measured b) charged c) valued d) appreciated

13. a) too b) enough c) very d) quite

14. a) stated b) offered c) held d) taken

15. a) swap b) alter c) change d) cross

Test 15 1. Read the text and put the words at the end of each line into the correct form.

The White House In Washington, D.C., 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue is а

very special address. It is the address of the White House, the home of

the president of the United States. President Washington never _____ (1) in live

the Presidential Palace. The _____ (2) president to live there was John one

Adams, the _____ (3) president of the United States, but his wife Mrs Adams two

really _____ (4) her new house because it was not warm enough! not like

In 1812 the United States and Britain _____ (5) to war. Many buildings go

_____ (6), including the Presidential Palace. After the war James burn

Hoban, the original architect, partially _____ (7) the president’s home. rebuild

To cover the marks of the fire, the building _____ (8) white. Since paint

that time it _____ (9) as the White House. Nowadays the White House know

_____ (10) lots of tourists from all over the world. attract

Read the text. Use the word given at the end of each line to form a word that fits the space in the same line. More and more animals are fighting for _____ (1) nowadays, and it is not survive

only _____ (2) who are to blame. Thousands of fish die every hunt

year as а result of the _____ (3) _____ (4) of waste in legal, dump

rivers by factories all over Europe. _____ (5) are often carried investigate

out to discover who is _____ (6) for these ecological disasters, response

but even when the offenders are found, the _____ (7) for this punish

kind of _____ (8) is not as severe as it should be. Factories will only reform behave

once the public _____ (9) to stop buying their products, and not before. threat

It is the only _____ (10) to а very serious problem. solve

3. Choose the most suitable word for each space. If you tried to visualise a Paris caf e, you would probably _____ (1) plates of golden croissants and cups of steaming hot coffee. Whatever you picture, a teapot is _____ (2) to be part of the scene. Although the _____ (3) of taking afternoon tea is in many _____ (4) an English custom, its popularity is now _____ (5) through Paris. Tea salons have been fashionable in Paris _____ (6) early this century. One of the oldest tearooms in Paris, ‘Angelina’, was _____ (7) in 1903. The atmosphere has a charming turn‑of‑the‑century feel and the menu includes a mouth‑watering _____ (8) of cream cakes, meringues and almond macaroons. Tearooms in Paris are unfortunately often overlooked by tourists snared by the bright lights and bistros. But for those who know, tea drinking in saloons is serious _____ (9). Menus often give you _____ (10) descriptions of the teas’ _____ (11), or even what time of the day is _____ (12) for drinking a certain tea. For serious connoisseurs there is only one tearoom _____ (13) visiting ‘Marriage Freres’. In this sunny tearoom you’ll be surrounded by towering green plants and _____ (14) by white‑suited waiters. In the adjoining shop, enormous chests of China tea are displayed alongside old canisters containing 350 _____ (15) of tea from more than 30 countries.

1. a) think b) imagine c) consider d) figure 2. a) rarely b) not c) unlikely d) hardly

3. a) means b) fact c) view d) habit

4. a) ideas b) ways c) types d) forms

5. a) spreading b) moving c) going d) swelling

6. a) for b) until c) since d) before

7. a) founded b) set c) run d) found

8. a) mass b) selection c) mixture d) collection

9. a) affair b) trade c) business d) commerce

10. a) tiny b) particular c) special d) detailed

11. a) origins b) births c) sources d) beginnings

12. a) conventional b) relevant c) appropriate d) reliable

13. a) right b) worth c) deserving d) worthy

14. a) shown b) ordered c) served d) brought

15. a) makes b) variations c) types d) breeds


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