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What makes a place attractive for tourists ( location, nature, facilities or their absence etc.)

D: Don't you mind if I start?

J: Go ahead!

D: I would say the main thing I look for is something completely different from home! This is because you go on holiday for change, not to be somewhere like your everyday life. And what about you?

J: I absolutely agree! People often go on holiday for change, not to be somewhere like your everyday life. I think the variety of activities/things to do matters a lot. A few people want to be stuck on a beach for 2 weeks. The places are popular which can offer amount of great activities. What do you think?

D: Yes, it's essential, too. The variety of activities definately makes the vocation. And what about location? In my book, a place with a well-developed infrastructure is definitely attractive for tourists. They often need beaches, supermarkets, amusement parks, restaurants and clubs nearby.

J: I see your point. But on the other hand, a large amount such facilities, as nightclubs, bars produce much noise, that can scare away tourists, who prefer quiet rest. Moreover, these facilities are linked to drinks that increases likelihood of accidents and offences. But other facilities are really necessary. I doubt that place, where they are absent, become popular for tourists.

D: You are spot on. Let's compromise by saying that "measure is a treasure". I reckon that nature attracts tourists like a magnet. We usually travel to broaden our mind and, of course, to see magnificent landscapes and unique animals or plants. For example, russian nature differs from asian. That is why it is exciting to visit China, Thailand or Vietnam. What do you feel?

J: Of course, picturesque sceneries are earnest of prosperous und benefit tourist industry. Moreover, the climate of a place is significant too. Many tourists leave their country with cold and wet climate so that they heat themselves in any country with the warm and dry climate. Do you agree?

D: I could not agree more! Many activities depend on climate, so tourists pay huge attention to climate. What is more, tourists want to see not only landscapes, architecture or animals, but feel the atmosphere of a country by getting acquiented with local cusine. It is important because traditional food is different all over the world and many people try to learn the culture of a country by tasting national food. Don't you agree?

J: Yes, such reason of attraction for tourists exists, although, in my opinion, it isn’t main cause. But we haven’t said about sights yet. Sights are best lure for the travelers. Usually, than more in country there are sights, than more tourists, who visit it. What your opinion?

D: Yes, we always try to touch a country's history by visiting sights. Monuments, museums, palaces... they make a place unique and give it a apecial charm. Well, I think that we've covered the most important points. Do you agree, that location, sights, nature and variety of activities attract tourists the most?

J: Yes, you are absolutely right.

Follow-up questions

Which places in Russia apart from Moscow and St.Petersburg would you recommend to foreign tourists?

I would recommend Kaliningrad. A tiny piece of Russia in Europe, Kaliningrad used to be called Königsberg, and the architecture in the city’s old town still points towards Europe and not Russia. Traces of Kaliningrad’s German heritage can be seen in the surviving Brandenburg Gate and the Fishing Village, a tourist attraction with recreated medieval-style buildings. There is the famous Amber museum .

What do people learn from travelling abroad?

By traveling people get to learn about different cultures first-hand. Once person experiences cultural differences firsthand, he can begin to understand where other people are coming from. A person can learn a new language because the best method is to use the language on regular basis.


What countries are famous for eco-tourism?

The popular countries for ecotourism are Amazon, Costa-Rica, Nepal, Alaska and Australia.



Advertising techniques and their effectiveness

· Sponsoring events, endorsement, product placement etc.

· Target audience

· Hidden messages



There are different advertising techniques. For example, Sponsoring events, endorsement, product placement e t c.


Sponsorship advertising is a type of advertising where a company pays to be associated with a specific event. In fact, sponsorship advertising is very prevalent with charitable events. Besides from charitable events, companies may sponsor local sporting teams, sports tournaments, fairs, and other community events. The idea is to get your name out and be viewed positively as a participating member of your community.

A celebrity endorsement is when a famous person uses their notoriety to help sell a product or service. There are a number of reasons why celebrity endorsements in advertising are so common. A celebrity endorsement can help build trust with current and potential customers, increase the chances of the brand being remembered, and attract a new type of audience. Endorsements also may increase the consumer's desire for a product. This is often achieved by implying that the particular celebrity is successful, talented, or attractive at least partly because of the product.

Product placement is an advertising approach that intentionally inserts products into entertainment programs such as movies, TV programs and video games.

First, in most cases the placement is subtle so as not to divert significant attention from the main content of the program or media outlet. This approach may lead the audience to believe the product was selected for inclusion by program producers and not by the marketer. This may heighten the credibility of the product in the minds of the audience since their perception, whether accurate or not, is that product was selected by an unbiased third-party.


A target audience, is a particular group of consumers within the pre-determined target market, identified as the targets or ‘recipients’ for a particular advertisement. A big part of developing an effective advertising campaign is knowing exactly who target audience is. Chances are the product or service appeal to everyone, so it is important to identify the segment of the population that is most likely to need in offered product. Identifying target audience also helps to decide which television programs, radio stations and other advertising venues are likely to be the most effective.

Every tiny detail of a well-crafted advertisement is specifically chosen to appeal to the target audience. To connect with our snowboarder target audience, for example, a television ad may feature wild stunts to pique snowboarders' interest, have rock music in the background to appeal to the age group, and appeal to their value-consciousness by letting the audience know the company "has the lowest prices in all of Denver.”

There's more to advertising's message than meets the casual eye. An effective ad, like other forms of communication, works best when it strikes a chord in the needs and desires of the receiving consumer -- a connection that can be both intuitive and highly calculated. The advertising offers idealized model and identities for consumers. For example, advertising for women implies that by pleasing herself, they will also attract male attention and she will be chosen. The masculine model emphasizes that men do the choosing.




What do you think makes a good advertisement?



Advertising plays a crucial role in today's business world. It's inescapable since it is ubiquitous. Giant street hoardings and catchy jingles on television bombard us from all sides. Therefore I think that a well-made advert is designed to grab our attention, to remain in our memory long, to think over it and ideally discuss it with as many people as possible.


In my book, tunes and jingles are the best marketing technique to catch a consumer’s attention. The biggest reason that jingles are used to promote products is that advertisers know jingles help people to remember the commercial. Simple tunes with simple words virtually guarantee that the consumer will remember the advertisement, sometimes for years! I am sure that you both know these jingles from our television like «праздник к нам приходит», «киндер-пингви я люблю»….

Celebrity endorsement is a good hit which can be used often by companies. Haven’t you notice that you feel more inclined to buy a product, when an actor whom you really adore says that it’s his “beauty or youth secret”. The fact that you want to identify yourself with a star plays its role.

Yeah, girls, I couldn’t agree more. In my opinion, the role of images shouldn’t be underestimated too. Pictures which are used should be catchy, fresh, provocative, relevant and connecting with its audience their needs and desires to grab and hold customers attention effectively. It is also vital that an advert includes a clear, memorable brand logo that reflects brand values and concept.


I am 100% with you! I’d also like to add that offering discounts in advertisements is crucial too. It refers to a customer’s wish to save money, so this mean of advertising is catchy too. Moreover, exciting plots may also increase a desire to consume. If you see an unusual commercial or a video with a marvelous scenery which call for your emotions, it reflects on your memory and you will probably buy the product


I reckon we have covered the main points, but there is still more techniques such as coupons and discounts, prizes and gifts. Anyway, there are so many ways to bewitch the customer, that even the most captious purchasers cannot help but getting on hook.


Follow-up questions:


1 Do you think product placement is a good way of promoting goods and services?


This approach may lead the audience to believe the product was selected for inclusion by program producers and not by the marketer. This may heighten the credibility of the product in the minds of the audience since their perception, whether accurate or not, is that product was selected by an unbiased third-party.


2 Why do advertisers add a national flavor to the advertisements of the same product sold in different countries?


I think that it depends on goods and manufacturer. For example, consumer tastes in cars are very different in different countries, so that cars should have specific national feature. However, some famous brands, for example, Rolex, can take no account existing of local preferences.

3 How easily are you or your friends influenced by advertising?


Advertising doesn’t influence me. I don’t watch TV, advertising in the Internet simply annoys me because hinders me surfing the Net and I don’t notice advertising in the streets and in the public transport.




In what ways can the consumer society be harmful?

· Environmental effects

· Economic effects

Consumers’ health and wellbeing

Consumerism as a social and economic order and ideology encourages the acquisition of goods and services in ever-increasing amounts. Consumer society can be harmful by several ways. environmental degradation is one of the impacts of consumerim on the environment. The natural habitat is being destroyed to create more goods and build more buildings. High level of consumption and production require larger inputs of energy and generate larger quantities of waste by products. Increased exploitation of natural resources, accumulation of waste and concentration of pollutants can damage the environment. Moreover, developed countries consume pollution intensive goods produced elsewhere by developing countries.

Also the more consumerism spreads, the weaker is the incentive manufacture long lasting, quality products. Moreover, nowadays In rush for profits factory owners places production in countries where there is no legal framework for ensuring that workers and facilities meet recognized standards and where working men work into long shifts in unsafe conditions, and there is no regulation of such practices. Moreover, in that case, manufacturing leaves country, most goods become imported, number of workplaces reduce und local economics suffers from it.

Consumerism have negative effect on health and wellbeing.

The wants and desires of the people increase. Than better their income, than more they want to buy. But in case, if they can do it, then they feel dissatisfied. The consumer society generate permanent stress, that has harmful effect on health. Personal relationships also get affected as people are busy trying to earn more to maintain their standard of living. Relationships with a product or brand name are substitutes for the healthy human relationships.



8. How can modern society cope with consumerism?

D: May I begin?
G: Sure, go ahead!
D: Consumerism has become an essential part of our life. We can't live a day without buying and it sounds frightening. We should get rid of this obsession. In my book it is very hard to cope with consumerism, but still, if we try to save our intellectual independence and try not to pay much attention to the advertisement, we will be able to reduce this shopping obsession. What do you feel about it?

G: I absolutely agree! If advertising is shouting at you everywhere, simply ignore every advertisement that comes on the radio or television, reduce the amount of time you spend watching television and use adblock in the internet.

For coping with consumption, we should realize, what, why and what for we buy. Before buying you should always ask yourself at least three times if you really need it. Moreover, when you go shopping for things that you really need, make a list. You should get in the habit of buying only what’s on the list. What do you think?


D: I could not agree more! When you stick to the plan, you will not buy unnecessary things. I also think, that If we buy products of good quality, for example, shoes, which can be used for many years, we will spend less money, than if we've bought cheap shoes. Cheap things are not long-lasting, that is why we have to buy them again and again. Do you agree?


G: Yes, you are right! There is even expression: “I amn’t so much reach to buy cheap things”. Moreover, I think that you should avoid shopping mall, because then likelihood reduces that you splurge on something you saw walking to your section. What your opinion?


D: I see your point. On the one hand, shopping malls use special marketing trchniques to make people consume more, for example, use special fragnances or music. On the other hand, we have no choice, but to buy clothes and other things in shopping malls as all shops are located there.


G: Unfortunately, it is true. However, there are ways to prevent from such influence. For example, use earphones and listen your music. Also it isn’t good idea to do shopping straigt away after receiving salary, because at this moment you seem that you have much money and you spend more than you can allow yourselves. What do you feel about it?


D: That's true. We should plan our budget and try to identify what we really need and what we don't. We also should protect our intellectual independence and don't let advertisement make us consume. Moreover , we should always try to buy qualitative goods in order not to spend more money on buying cheeper things again and again. Do we agree on that?


G: Yes, I absolutely agree.


Follow-up questions

Why are shopping malls popular with customers of different ages?

the shops are housed in a complex. Groceries, clothes, shoes, reading material, food courts, cinemas and entertainment are available in one place. You can spend a whole day at the mall, shop, dine, watch a movie or play games. They are great meeting places for friends to catch up over coffee or a meal in the food court. Families arrive for their weekly shopping, collecting junk and keep the kids entertained at the mall.

How does the global culture affect buying habits in your country?

How much can we rely on self-sufficiency?

In modern times, many farmers produce food on specialised farms. A large part of the worlds population now depends on these farmers to make their food for them. Many in developed nations now depend on job salaries to buy food, clothes, and shelter, rather than making these things from raw materials found in the environment.


How far does having a lot of possessions contribute to personal happiness?

Acquiring things like houses and cars only have a transient effect on happiness. People’s desires for material possessions crank up at the same, or greater rate, than their salaries. Again, this means that despite considerably more luxurious possessions, people end up no happier.






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