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Test 1. Fill in am/is/are (present), was/were (past) or will be/wont be (future) in the gaps

1. She travels a lot. Yesterday she _______ in Paris. Today she _______ in London. Tomorrow _______ she in New York. 2. _______ you at home yesterday?

3. _______ you at home tomorrow?

4. I _______ in Great Britain last week.

5. Are you ready yet? Not yet. I _______ ready in five minutes.

6. The weather _______ nice today.

7. My sister is going away for a few days, so she _______ at home tomorrow.

8. I _______ a pupil. I go to school.

9. _______ you in the country last summer?

10. Its Toms birthday next Sunday. He _______ 11.

11. I _______ cold. Can you close the window, please?

12. You may visit Jane tomorrow. She _______ busy.

13. Where _______ Ann yesterday?

14. My brother and I _______ good tennis players. We like to play tennis very much.

15. _______ the soup _______ ready soon? Yes, it _______ ready in a few minutes.

Test 2. Fill in is, are, was, were . 1. There _______ three people in the photo.

2. There _______ a woman, a man and their child in our garden now.

3. There _______ an exhibition in our town last month.

4. I didnt like the hotel because there _______ a lot of furniture in the room.

5. He was thirsty but there _______ no drinks in the fridge.

6. The furniture was very old, there _______ two chairs and a table in the room.

7. She is at her office now. There _______ a lot of people waiting to see her.

8. Today there _______ a lot of snow on the ground.

9. There _______ some chicken and fish in the fridge now.

10. _______ there any furniture in the room?

11. There _______ somebody in the kitchen now.

12. There _______ no one on the roof of the house at the moment.

13. There _______ no flowers in our garden last summer.

14. There _______ a sports centre near our house.

15. There _______ 26 letters in the English alphabet.

Have and Have Got


Test 3. Complete the sentences with is/isnt, are/arent or has/have (got).

1. My brother _______ ten years old.

2. There _______ any flowers in the garden.

3. My sister _______ three children.

4. Tom never sees new films because there _______ a cinema in his town.

5. He _______ a good job in a bank.

6. _______ there a stadium near here?

7. How much _______ the ice‑creams?

8. Can I _______ a cup of coffee, please?

9. My house _______ a garden and a balcony.

10. There _______ lots of good shops in this city.

Test 4. Fill in is/are/was/were/have/has . 1. Tom _______ lost his note‑book.

2. This bridge _______ built ten years ago.

3. _______ you finished your work yet?

4. This town is always clean. The streets _______ cleaned every day.

5. Where _______ you born?

6. I just _______ made some coffee. Would you like some?

7. Cheese _______ made from milk.

8. This is a very old photograph. It _______ taken a long time ago.

9. Mike _______ bought a new car.

10. _______ Ann working today?

Present Simple/Present Continuous


Test 5. Present Simple or Present Continuous? 1. Paul is good at tennis. He (plays/is playing) tennis very well.

2. Its very noisy Suzy (listens/is listening) to rock music.

3. Many birds (fly/are flying) south every summer.

4. Most students (dont smoke/arent smoking) these days.

5. (Does Mr Black use/Is Mr Black using) the computer at the moment?

6. Jack usually (goes/is going) to work on Saturdays.

7. Dick isnt at home now. He (helps/is helping) student with his project.

8. (Does it rain?/Is it raining?) No, look, its sunny.

9. Cats (see/are seeing) very well in the dark.

10. You look nice, Ann. (Do you wear/Are you wearing) new dress?

11. Japan (has/is having) many high mountains.

12. Every morning John (gets up/is getting up) at 7.00.

13. Im sorry. I cant help you at the moment. I (wash up/ am washing up).

14. (Do you go/Are you going) to the theatre tonight?

15. I (have/am having) pain in my shoulder.

16. Jerry often (paints/is painting) pictures of different animals.

17. Derek is good at tennis but he (doesnt play/isnt playing) very often.

18. Shes not ready she (cooks/is cooking) dinner.

19. (Do you always wear/Are you always wearing) glasses?

20. Turn the TV off n one (watches/is watching) it!

Test 6. Present Simple or Present Continuous? 1. Listen! I (want/am wanting) to ask you few questions.

2. Where is John? He (has/is having) smoke in the garden.

3. How do you make this cake? It (tastes/is tasting) wonderful.

4. Those jeans (look/are looking) great on you!

5. Jane cant come to the phone because she (washes/is washing) her hair.

6. I (dont like/am not liking) football very much.

7. We usually (go/are going) to the seaside in summer.

8. I (think/am thinking) of going to university.

9. (Do you study/Are you studying) for your exams at the moment?

10. (Do you see/Are you seeing) my problem?

11. Can you be quiet, please? I (listen/am listening) to the radio.

12. He (thinks/is thinking) that school is boring.

13. They (meet/are meeting) for lunch once month.

14. Ann paid for the boat so it (belongs/is belonging) to her now.

15. John! Answer the door, please! I (make/am making) dinner.

16. I (dont enjoy/am not enjoying) cooking very much.

17. It (rains/is raining) lot in this region in winter.

18. I (prefer/am preferring) volleyball to basketball.

19. (Do you know/Are you knowing) whats happening?

20. We (have/are having) house near the beach.

Test 7. Present Simple or Present Continuous? 1. The telephone (ring). Can you answer it?

2. Be quiet! I (watch) this film.

3. What he usually (have) for breakfast?

4. My parents (look) for new country house now, because they (not want) to stay in Moscow in summer.

5. We usually (take) bus to get to school.

6. Why you (smile)? I (have) n homework today.

7. Where you (go) on Sundays?

8. I always (wear) nice clothes at school. Today I (wear) white blouse and blue skirt.

9. Jane! Where are you? What you (do)? I (clean) my shoes.

10. Nick (live) in Kiev. He often (phone) us when he (not be) busy.

11. Why you (go) to bed? Its only 10.00. I always (go) to bed early.

12. I cant use the telephone now. It (not work).

13. Its late. I (want) to go to sleep.

14. How many languages she (speak)? She (speak) six foreign languages.

15. I (not think) Ann (like) me very much.

16. Who is Richard? He (stand) next to Jane.

17. My father (work) in bank, but today he is at home. He (write) letters.

18. Where is Tom? He (have) breakfast.

19. John (not get) up very early on Sundays.

20. Oh, dear! This milk (taste) awful.

Test 8. Present Simple or Present Continuous? 1. Hurry up! Everybody (wait) for you.

2. You (watch) TV? No, you can turn it off.

3. What you usually (do) at weekends?

4. The Volga (flow) into the Caspian Sea.

5. Im tired. I (go) to bed now. Goodnight!

6. This train is never late. It always (leave) on time.

7. Dont put the dictionary away. I (use) it.

8. Who is this man? What he (want)?

9. You look serious! What you (think) about?

10. He told me his address but I (not remember) it now.

11. Jane (not drink) coffee very often.

12. Please dont make so much noise. Tom (do) his homework.

13. I (look) for Ann. You (know) where she is?

14. He never (tell) the truth. I (not believe) him.

15. Tom usually (help) about the house? No, he.

16. You may phone Peter and ask him. I think he (not sleep) yet.

17. When your children usually (get) up?

18. Why that man (look) at us? You (recognize) him?

19. Can you drive? I (learn). My father (teach) me.

20. Listen to those people! What language they (speak)?

Present Simple/Present Continuous/Future Simple



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