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Read the text again to fulfill the tasks to follow

1. The text is headlined “Believe it or not, your parents can be your friends.” Do you think the heading suits the information given in the text? Express your opinion. Below you’ll find some more headings. Choose the one that suits best and motivate your choice.


a) Mutual understanding is a basis for good relations in the family.

b) Generation gap.

c) Parents are always easy to come to terms.


2. Choose the synonyms to the words given in italics according to the context.


to embarrass a) to interfere b) to confuse c) to upset d) to disturb

sensitive a) touchy b) vulnerable c) delicate d) irritable

to disapprove a) to deny b) to praise c) to blame

d) to have an unfavourable opinion

to refer to a) to direct b) to regard c) to mention d) to concern

to owe a) to be in debt to somebody b) to attribute

c) to be obliged (to) d) to possess


3. Combine two sentences together omitting less important information and adding connectives.


1. Parents can get on your nerves just as you can get on theirs. If you are sensitive to each other’s feelings, you’ll be able to avoid upsetting each other.

2. Mutual understanding is a two-way process. If your parents are open and reasonable with you, you owe it to them to be open and reasonable with them.

3. When children grow up relationships within one’s family change. The relationship becomes much more one between equals.

4. Your way of life and your philosophy differ from your parents’. This difference is often called the generation gap.

5. Think about your parents as ordinary people. Parents may worry about money, they may be lonely or they may be upset about getting old.

6. Parents often disapprove of what their children do. If children can convince their parents that they are not the only ones who want to do things parents don’t approve, parents’ response is bound to be more reasonable.


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