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Vocabulary practice

1. Match up the words that are similar in meaning.


1. stick; 2. particular; 3. contain; 4. conventions; 5. add importance; 6. be referred to as; 7. retrieve; 8. whole; 9. character; 10. assign; 11. proper; 12. arrangement; 13. alter. a) attach significance; b) symbol; c) layout; d)appoint; e) be defined as; f) modify; g) valid; h) adhere; i) rules; j) certain; k) include; l) strip off; m) entire.


2. Fill in the blanks choosing out of the variants given.

1. A valid file requires adhering to specific rules called file-naming … .

a) conditions b) conventions c) conversions d) contents

2. Drive letter, folders, file name and extension restrict the whole file path which is referred to as a file … .

a) location b) identification c) specification d) format

3. A list of files for each storage medium is defined as a … .

a) scheme b) directory c) modification d) application

4. … e-mail addresses, a valid file name may contain spaces.

a) instead of b) compared to c) like d) unlike

5. A native file format is supported by most …, e. g. .doc for MSWord.

a) processors b) hardware c) software d) servers

6. A character generally following a device letter is a … .

a) backslash b) period c) asterisk d) colon

7. If a user wants to find the most recent version of a created file, the file … will be useful.

a) name b) size c) date d) extension

8. The file format means the … of data and a coding scheme representing the data.

a) management b) attachment c) appointment d) arrangement

9. To pad storage space, files of a bigger size require … time than small file

a) more b) less c) higher d) lower


3. Make two -word combinations using the words in columns and then fill in the gaps in the following sentences.

A: root B: words

maximum sensitive

application attachments

file directory

e-mail formats

reserved program

case length


1. Some operating systems which allow you to use uppercase and lowercase letters in file names are not … .

2. Large files can be easily stripped off … by mail server.

3. Graphical files and files containing text are saved in different … .

4. A … of file names is restricted in file-naming conventions.

5. The … is the main directory of a disk.

6. A file with the relevant extension for a particular … will be seen in the list of files of that software.

7. There are … that represent commands or special identifiers and can’t be used alone as a file name.


4. Fill in the gaps in the text.


A computer ___ is a named collection of data that exists on a storage medium, such as a hard disk, floppy disk, CD, DVD, or tape. Every file has a name and might also have a file extension. The rules that specify valid file names are called ___. These rules do not allow you to use certain characters or ___ words in a file name. A file ___ is usually related to a file format - the arrangement of data in a file and the coding scheme used to represent the data. A software program’s ___ file format is the default format for storing files created with that program.

A file’s location is defined by a file ___ sometimes called a “path”, which includes the storage device, folder(s), file name and extension. In Windows, storage devices are identified by a ___ letter, followed by a colon. An operating system maintains a list of files called a ___ for each storage disk, tape, CD, or DVD. The main directory of a disk is sometimes referred to as the ___ directory, which can be subdivided into several smaller lists called subdirectories that are depicted as ___.


Speaking. Discuss the following questions.

1. What is a computer file?

2. What are the rules for naming files?

3. Is there a maximum length for file names?

4. What is the purpose of folders?

5. Why are certain characters not allowed in a file name?

6. What are reserved words?

7. What is the difference between e-mail addresses and file names?

8. Are file extensions important?

9. How can you designate a file’s location?

10. What is the significance of a file’s size?

11. Why is the file date useful?


Text B

Pre-reading. Match the English words with their Russian equivalents.

1. storage bin a) строка меню
2. dialog box b) индексный файл
3. tip c) диалоговое окно
4. menu bar d) совет
5. index file e) запоминающий буфер


Reading. Read the text and try to guess the meaning of the words in bold. Check your variants in the dictionary.

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