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Vocabulary practice. 1. Match the words with their synonyms

1. Match the words with their synonyms.


supply unit

distinguish appear

purpose but

device open

emerge goal

available differentiate

although provide


2. Which word does not belong to the group?


a) input carry out output process

b) hold store keep perform

c) edit data transmit set up

d) software storage supply memory

e) accept refer input load

f) unit device software equipment

3. Complete the following sentences choosing one out of the variants given.


1. If you don’t back up regularly, you can lose all your … .

a) CPU b) programs c) data d) storage

2. A computer … input, processes and stores data, produces output according to a series of instructions.

a) accepts b) submits c) emerges d) transmits

3. Reports, documents, graphs and pictures can be … to as computer output.

a) performed b) supplied c) transformed d) referred

4. A computer can perform various tasks such as word processing or sending messages that … it from any calculator.

a) set up b) distinguish c) keep track d) mean

5. Memory is the part of a computer where data and instruction are stored … .

a) permanently b) available c) temporarily d) versatile

6. Data is processed in the … according to the instructions that have been loaded into the computer memory.

a) CPU b) variety c) storage d) output


4. Make two-word expressions connected with computing by combining words from two lists: A and B. Then match each expression with the appropriate phrase.


A: stored B: processing

permanent device

word output

handheld storage

input calculator

computer program


1. A small electronic instrument allowing you to do mathematical functions.

2. A set of instructions understood by a computer and kept in its memory.

3. A piece of equipment, such as a mouse or keyboard.

4. A form of volume in which information can be stored for a long time.

5. The use of a computer to edit, format, store or print a piece of text.

6. Reports, music, documents and pictures produced by a computer.


5. Restore the instructions for switching a computer by matching the beginnings with the endings and put them into the correct order.


Beginnings Endings

1. if a message asks a) for your computer and turn it on.

2. locate the power switch b) desktop to appear.

3. then press the Enter key c) for your user ID or password,

type them in.

4. wait for the Windows d) connected to your computer and turn them on.

5. locate the power switch e) on your computer’s keyboard.

for any devices

6. Fill in the gaps in the text.


A computer is a ___ that accepts input, ___ data, stores data, and produces out put according to a series of stored instructions. Before a computer processes data, it is temporarily held in ___. This data is processed in the ___. The idea of ___ program means that a series of instructions for a computing task can be loaded into a computer’s memory.


Speaking. Discuss the following questions.


1. How old is the word “computer”?

2. What is a computer?

3. What can be called “computer input”?

4. What input devices can you name?

5. Why do we need software?

6. What is the purpose of the CPU?

7. How do memory and storage differ?

8. What computer output can we get?

9. What’s so significant about a computer’s ability to store instructions?

10. What does a stored program mean?


Text B

Pre-reading. Match the terms with the appropriate definitions.

a desktop computer a) this computer is especially suited for storing and distributing data on a network; these machines do not include features such as sound cards, DVD players, and other fun accessories; they don’t require specific hardware and just about any computer can be configured to perform such work;
a notebook b) these are powerful desktop computers designed for specialized tasks; they can tackle tasks that require a lot of processing speed, most have circuitry specially designed for creating and displaying three-dimensional and animated graphics and often dedicated to design tasks;
a tablet computer c) it’s a large and expensive computer capable of simultaneously processing data for hundreds or thousands of users; used by businesses or governments to provide centralized storage, processing and management for large amount of data in situations where reliability, data security and centralized control are necessary;
a handheld computer d) it fits on a desk and runs on power from an electrical wall outlet; its keyboard is typically a separate component, connected to the main unit by a cable;
a workstation e) it’s a portable computing device featuring a touch-sensitive screen that can be used as a writing or drawing pad;
a mainframe computer f) it’s one of the fastest computers in the world; can tackle complex tasks such as breaking codes, modeling worldwide weather systems and simulating nuclear explosions;
a supercomputer g) it featuresa small keyboard or touch-sensitive screen and is designed to fit into a pocket, run on batteries and be used while you are holding it; also called a PDA (personal digital assistant), it can be used as an electronic appointment book, address book, calculator and notepad;
a server h) it’s a small lightweight personal computer that incorporates screen, keyboard, storage and processing components into a single portable unit, also referred to as a “laptop”.


Reading. Read the text and try to guess the meaning of the words in bold. Check your variants in the dictionary.

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