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TEXT C. Inside Tourism: Reasons for Travel


Task: go through the text and speak on the following points: a) leisure tourism; b) business tourism; d) VFR; c) psychocentrics and allocentrics.


Why do people travel? The answer depends on the individual and his or her cultural conditioning. Some people in their late teens and early twenties can be the sun, sand, and sea travellers. Others can be more interested in the cultural and sporting activities associated with travel – or even the educational aspects.

In the tourism industry we divide the reasons for travel into three main categories: leisure tourism, business tourism, and visiting friends and relatives (usually abbreviated to VFR).

Leisure tourism can mean anything from excursions, day trips, and weekend breaks to package holidays, pleasure cruises, and longer independent trips such as hillwalking or treks in the mountains. It also includes cultural trips (for example, to music festivals), educational trips (for example, study tours), and religious trips (for example, pilgrims on a walking tour to a holy place).

Business tourism includes any travel away from one's main place of residence, for such events as meetings, conferences, and trade fairs. It also includes special trips when workers are given a reward or a “thank you” for good work (this is known as an incentive tour).

Travel in order to visit friends or family relatives is also regarded as part of the tourism industry. This could be a special family party, such as a reunion or a wedding, or a regular trip made every year.

Social psychologists also suggested that travelers can be separated into two extremes: 1. psychocentrics, who prefer familiar travel destinations that have been visited by millions before and 2. allocentrics, who prefer new and different destinations. Generally, twice as many people are inclined to be allocentrics, which has its effect on small-scale tourist areas. First visited by them, the destination then becomes more popular and is forced into becoming more commercialized.

Travel is likely to increase in the coming years, which will have a significant impact on tourism. Some of the reasons for the anticipated increases are a longer life span, flexible working hours, tendency to take shorter, more frequent minivacations, rather than taking all of their vacation once a year, increase in the standards of living.


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