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Как сделать разговор полезным и приятным Как сделать объемную звезду своими руками Как сделать то, что делать не хочется? Как сделать погремушку Как сделать неотразимый комплимент Как сделать так чтобы женщины сами знакомились с вами Как сделать идею коммерческой Как сделать хорошую растяжку ног? Как сделать наш разум здоровым? Как сделать, чтобы люди обманывали меньше Вопрос 4. Как сделать так, чтобы вас уважали и ценили? Как сделать лучше себе и другим людям Как сделать свидание интересным?


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C. The following extract from a cover letter is too informal. Rewrite the extract using appropriate formal language

Dear Ms Mattin, .

Writing a cover letter

Visit Milkround.com and enter a sector that you are interested in, such as Engineering, Computing, in the Search box, then find a job you think is interesting and follow the link. When you have done your research, write a cover letter. www.milkround.com/s4/jobseekers/

You may use your curriculum vitae Exercise17a, page .

Follow these steps:

Paragraph one:reason for writing.

Paragraph two:education and training.

Paragraph three:work experience.

Paragraph four:personal skills.

Paragraph five: reasons why you are applying for this job.

Paragraph six:closing/availability for interview.

Do your best to use the vocabulary presented below.

Opening statements

I am a final-year student who is about to graduate from X university with a BA in... I am writing to enquire about possible employment opportunities with… I am interested in the position for a …advertised in The Guardian newspaper/on your website. I am writing in response to your advertisement for… I enclose my CV for your consideration. I was recently speaking with X and s/he recommended that I contact you/send you a copy of my CV. Given my experience in X, s/he felt that I would be an ideal candidate for the job. I would like to apply for the post of… Please accept this letter as application for the ………position currently advertised on your website. I am writing regarding the ……vacancy……

Main body

My past experience of …has brought me a greater understanding of…,as well as… As part of my degree course in…at…,I… I am currently working as… At present I am responsible for/in charge of… Since I work with…, I have developed… I have significantly strengthened my knowledge and understanding of… This experience has enabled me to… Working in…helped me to learn the importance of… During my period of employment at… I gained… As you can see from my CV I have… I have a strong history of… I think that I could bring…

Final paragraph

I would appreciate the opportunity to meet you to discuss my skills, capabilities and professional experience in greater detail. I would welcome the opportunity to discuss my professional history and qualifications with you in greater detail. I would be happy to supply you with further references should you require them. I look forward to hearing from you. I would like to thank you in advance for your time and consideration. Please find enclosed a copy of my curriculum vitae, which gives further details of my education and career to date. Thank you in advance for your consideration. Yours sincerely,

SPEAKING 6. In pairs, evaluate each other’s cover letters. Think about Felix’s advice (1-12). Are his tips followed in your cover letter? Is it written in the appropriate formal language?

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