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Match the personal characteristics (1-6) to their meanings (a-f)

1. Self-starter, proactive, self-motivated, self-driven a. Good with computers
2.Methodical, systematic and organized b. Very keen to do well in their job
3.Computer-literate c. Good at work on their own
4.Numerate d. can work in a planned, orderly way
5.Motivated e. naturally very good at what they do
6.Talented f. good with numbers

WRITING 8.How would you describe yourself? Write at least five sentences.

Transferable skills

Employers will ask you for transferable skills or competencies – the skills, knowledge and behavior they consider necessary for a particular job. Reviewing your previous experience will help you to identify your transferable skills and recognize experience will help you to identify your transferable skills and recognize jobs that you are qualified for.

VOCABULARY 9. Match the transferable skills (1-8) to the examples of professional behavior (a-h).

1. Analytical skills a. I have a justified belief in my ability to do the job. I am able to express my opinion or provide advice when necessary. I am good at making decisions.
2. Creativity b. I actively seek feedback on my performance and carefully consider feedback. I demonstrate an interest in and understanding of my own and other cultures. I understand my own strengths and limitations.
3. Self-confidence c. I am good at getting a good deal. I am good at developing and managing relationships with others. I am able to persuade, convince and gain support.
4. Communication skills d. I am able to formulate new ideas to solve problems. I am able to think ahead to spot or create opportunities. I set aside thinking time to come up with alternative ways of getting things done more efficiently.
5. Independence e. I can work with sustained energy and determination on my own. I can find ways to overcome obstacles to set myself achievable goals. I strive towards my own targets and refuse to settle for second best.
6. Interpersonal skills f. I am good at data analysis. I am excellent at interpreting data to see cause and effect and am able to use this information to make effective decisions.
7. Negotiation skills g.I am able to express myself effectively. I am able to make my opinions totally clear and am rarely misunderstood. I produce clear, well-written reports that can be easily understood.
8. Self-awareness h.I am good at working cooperatively. I am good at working and communicating within a team to achieve shared goals. I am a good listener.

SPEAKING 10. Identify three transferable skills of your own, which you have used at work or university. In pairs, ask each other about your skills.


Job advertisements

11. Read the two job advertisements and tick (v) the most important qualities and abilities (1-10) for each job. Add more to the list. Which three things do you think are most important for each job?



  Senior programmer DTP operator
1. Logical reasoning
2. Patience and tenacity
3. Being good with figures
4. imagination
5. self-discipline
6. accuracy
7. leadership skills
8. efficiency
9. creativity
10. drawing skills



SPEAKING 12. In pairs, discuss if you would like to apply for one of the jobs. Give reasons for your answers.



13.Look at the online profile for Charles Graham. Which of the jobs above is most appropriate for him?



SPEAKING 1 a. Use the work quiz to interview each other. Give reasons to your answers.

The work quiz

What would be your ideal job?

Would you prefer to:

1. a) work for a big company?

b) work for a small company?

c) be self-employed?

2. a) have a full-time job? b) have a part-time job? c) work whenever you want?

3. a) work in an office? b) work outdoors? c) work at home?

4. a) work alone? b) work with the same people every day? c) often work with different people?

5. a) have a well-paid job? b) have an interesting job? c) have a job which helps other people

1 b. For each question 1-5, what’s the most common answer in the class?

Are your reasons the same?

Working Life


READING 2a. Read four web postings by people who work for CSP, a company which designs and sells computer software. Who’s generally happy at CSP? Who’s not happy?

The Workplace> chat

1. Posted by: Marco

I've worked here since 2008 when I left college and I quite like to work with, friendly - it's a it. I work in the IT department and there's a nice atmosphere. Everyone's easy bit like a family really. I'm always busy but we have flexible working hours: sometimes I'm here from 7 to 3, sometimes from 10 to 6. That's good when you've been out the night before! The pay's good too. View 2 replies to this comment

2. Posted by:noname99


I've only worked here for a couple of months but I already hate it. The people in IT never seem to do “ any work. There's one young guy who's always late, and that can be really difficult. The management isn't very good either. They don't listen to you and they're often not here or too busy to talk. So basically it's a terrible place to work and I'm looking for a new job. View 3 replies to this comment

3.Posted by: Lauren101

I've been with the sales team at CSP for three months and it's a great place to work. My boss is the best - she's never here, always away on business trips! But seriously, the atmosphere here's pretty relaxed because we often don't have a lot to do, and we probably spend a bit too much time surfing the Internet and having long lunch breaks The pay's not great, but it's enough for now. View 10 replies to this comment

4. Posted by: Lydia

I started working here about three years ago. The job's interesting but it can be quite stressful because I work with the sales team. They make a lot of mistakes, and then I have to fix them. The pay's not great - I never have any money at the end of the month! But the benefits are OK - I get four weeks' holiday a year and free health care. No replies to this comment

2b. Read the postings again. Who:

1 is in the sales team?

2 sometimes has problems because of the sales team?

3 is in the IT department?

4 isn't happy with the IT department?

5 doesn't have a lot of work?

6 came to CSP after college?

7 wants to leave CSP?

8 doesn't say anything about money?


2c.Who do you think would be good to work with? Who could be difficult to work with?

VOCABULARY 2d. Complete the sentences 1-6. Then read the postings again to check.

1. We have flexible working hours a. I never have any money at the end of the month
2. The management isn't very good either. b. I get four weeks' holiday a year and free health care.
3. The benefits are OK - c. They don't listen to.
4. The pay's not great - d. and I'm looking for a new job.
5. It’s a terrible place to work 6. There's a nice atmosphere. e. Everyone's easy to work with. f. Sometimes I’m here from 7 to 3, sometimes from 10 to 6.

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