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Complete the following sentences

A. 1. Most people go out... Friday night but I have to be in bed ... 11 o'clock. 2. My brother is a doctor. He often comes home late ... night. 3. Where's George? He is still at work. He will stay there ... 5 o'clock. 4. It happened ... the war: ... August 1943 to be precise. 5. You must finish this work ... the end of the week. 6.1 took my English exam the day ... yesterday. 7. A notice at the door read «Opening ho­urs: ... 7 a.m. ... 5.30 p.m.». 8. Do sit down. Mr. Brown will join you ... a moment. 9. Could you come to see me ... Saturday morning? 10. My parents have lived in this city ... five years already. 11. The train leaves ... five minutes. 12. ... Saturday I am at home ... five o'clock. 13.1 haven't driven a car ... autumn. 14. He's been interested in music ... quite a long time. 15. Are you doing anything special... the week-end? 16. There was a storm ... the night: it rained .. three or four hours. 17. The film started ... seven and ended ... nine. 18. Sorry, I haven't written to you ... such a long time. 19. The wedding took place ... the middle of June. 20. We'll arrive in New York ... three hours. 21. He's going to stay in Paris ... more than a week. 22. He phoned me just ... you left. 23. He came to London ... 13th June. 24. They hope to finish work... Thursday next week. 25. I've been sitting here ... 9 o'clock, but no one has phoned yet. 26. We waited ... half past nine but he didn't come. 27. I saw Sue ... my visit to London.

B. I.I went skiing ... Christmas. We flew from Heathrow ... 4 o'clock ... the afternoon ... 20th December, and got to Zalzburg ... the early evening. The roads were icy, and we didn't get to the hotel ... 2 o'clock ... the morning. Unfor­tunately, I fell and hurt my leg ... the first day, and had to spend a few days in bed. But I got up ... Christmas Day and . the next morning I went skiing again, but I wasn't very good at it.

2. I was born in Manchester ... the late 1940s. I went to university ... 1967.1 had a good time there, especially ... my last year. So a few months ago I decided to go back and see it again. I went... the end of June. The students were all on holiday, and the town was full of tourists, as it always is ... summer, and I didn't enjoy my visit very much. It wasn't the same as it had been ... the 60s, when I was a student there.

3. A: How long have you been here?

B: ... Saturday. I've only been in the States ... a couple of months.

A: Really? You haven't been very long. How long have you studied English? Your English is very good.

B: I've studied English ... about ten years ... I was thirteen.

A: Well, I've studied Spanish ... I was in the eighth grade, and I still can't speak it!


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