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Как сделать разговор полезным и приятным Как сделать объемную звезду своими руками Как сделать то, что делать не хочется? Как сделать погремушку Как сделать неотразимый комплимент Как сделать так чтобы женщины сами знакомились с вами Как сделать идею коммерческой Как сделать хорошую растяжку ног? Как сделать наш разум здоровым? Как сделать, чтобы люди обманывали меньше Вопрос 4. Как сделать так, чтобы вас уважали и ценили? Как сделать лучше себе и другим людям Как сделать свидание интересным?


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Complete the sentences with the appropriate pronouns

A. 1. If you can spare me ... time, I'd like to make ... suggestions. 2. There's so ... work to do that we haven't...

time to spare. 3. I come home so tired that I can do ... work in the evenings. 4. We couldn't find the person ... car was blocking our driveway. 5. There are ... of chocolate biscuits here. Would you like ... one? 6. We didn't have ... petrol left. So we had to look for a filling station. 7.1 like ... fruit except bananas. 8. Many people are multilingual, but very ... people speak more than ten languages. 9. Very ... of the medical staff come from the local area. 10.1 thought I had met... of the people here but I don't know ... of them. 11. Being a parent had brought him ... happiness. 12. How ... homework did the teacher assign? 13.1 think ... lemon juice on fish makes it taste better. 14. John overslept and missed his plane to Paris. He was angry at... for not checking his alarm clock before going to bed. 15. Sue. please help ... to some more cake. 16. Whenever we have problems in life, we have to be careful not to waste too much time feeling sorry for.... 17. We should ask ... if we are doing ... in our power to solve this problem. 18.1 enjoyed watching everyone on the beach.... people were playing volleyball, while ... were picnicking. 19. My report is due today, but I need ... two days to finish it. 20. Joe and Frank work as a team. They get on well with each ....

21. There aren't... jobs available in this area at the moment. 22. She made the soup by mixing ... meat with rice. 23. Can you help me? I need ... information. 24. Our weather is cloudy in winter. We don't get... sunshine. 25. ... of the birds has its own cage. 26. Alex bought a bicycle ... is specially de­signed for long-distance racing. 27. People ... don't get enough sleep may become short-tempered and irritable. 28. Only ... of the films shown at this cinema are suitable for children. 29. We've made ... in the hope of attracting more customers but so far there's been very ... response. The trouble is that... people haven't any money to spare. We'll need ... luck to make a profit this year. 30. I have read ...book this author has ever written. 31. Before giving her answer she looked at... of the children in turn. 32. We've drunk ... the water. There isn't... more left. 33. ... student has to fill in a questionnaire. 34. Everybody arrived late,... didn't surprise me in the least. 35. If that doesn't work, you'll have to find ... way of solving the problem. 36. Cactuses need very ... water. 37. Do you know any ... people who might have a reason to do this? 38. This museum may be closed but... tourist places are open. 39. On ... life became much quieter after John had left. 40. It rained ... the time we were on holiday. 41. You have your ... life ahead of you.

B. 1. Darren isn't happy in his new job. He doesn't earn ... money even though he has... responsibilities. Very ... companies he has worked for in the past have paid him so ... money for so ... work. He has sent ... applications to other companies, but there are very ... jobs and too ... people looking for work these days. Darren has ... hope of finding anything better.

2. These days more people are learning how to use computers. ... of them have to because of their work,... just want to play games,... are actually interested in computing. These days you don't need ... money to buy a computer and ... knowledge of computing is required to use one. There are ... of different uses for them, such as letter writing and keeping accounts.

3. The school trip is tomorrow and I want to remind everyone of a few things. I don't want ... to miss the bus. Last year ... pupils were left behind because they arrived late. There are hardly ... seats left on the coach, so remem­ber to put your bags and coats in the boot before you get on. ... will be allowed to smoke on the coach. I hope you will all bring warm clothes. Does ... have ... questions? Good. If you remember what I've said, there will be ... problems.

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