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The importance of studying a foreign language. ( Olympiad. Form 8-9)

You can’t but agree that every educated person nowadays should know at least one foreign language. Knowing a foreign language helps us to learn about other cultures and other ways of thinking. It gives us opportunities to find a good job and helps us to establish contacts with people.

Nowadays English is the most widely spoken and written language in the world. It is the language of business, politics, culture, tourism, science and information. It has become the language of the planet, the first truly global language. That’s why people all over the world learn it. So do I.

I started learning English at the age of 7. So I’ve been learning it for…years already. At our English lessons we have a lot of grammar and vocabulary drills. I think grammar is important in any language because you can’t build a house without foundations, but you need to practice grammar together with vocabulary. Every day I try to memories some English words and practice them. I have no problem learning words connected with my hobby and related to my interests.

I personally think that English is not an easy language to learn. One of the problems for those who learn English is phrasal verbs and, of course, idioms. And you have to keep yourself up-to date with them and not to use the old-fashioned ones. Besides English intonation is the most difficult part of pronunciation, because if you get it wrong people may think you are rude. But the most difficult part in any language is, perhaps, learning the elements for which there are no written rules, that is ‘social English”. This means learning about some expected ways of behavior, knowing what sort of English to use in different situations (formal or informal). So you have to learn to think in English. It’s rather difficult. But I like it. In my opinion learning English needs a lot of enthusiasm.


1.Is it necessary to learn grammar?

Of course, you must learn grammar in any language. After all you can’t build the house without foundations. So grammar is important. But it shouldn’t be taught in isolation. You need to practice grammar together with vocabulary.


2. Which is better: to practice using new words or learn them by heart?

It is better to learn a few words at a time and practice them rather than a lot of words by heart. Practice helps you to memorize the words. Personally I remember words better if they are related to my interests.


3. Are idioms and phrasal verbs easy to learn?

No, they aren’t. One of the problems for learners of English is phrasal verbs and of course idioms. They are very difficult and you have to keep up-to-date with them not to use the old-fashioned ones.


4.Why is it important to use the right intonation when you talk to people?

English intonation is the most difficult part of pronunciation because if you get it wrong, people think you’re rude. Intonation is far more difficult than learning to pronounce the words correctly. It’s important to learn both formal and informal English.


5. What do you feel about reading in English?

I find reading very helpful. I read books, newspapers, magazines and other periodicals. I try to guess the meaning of the words I don’t know from the context. This helps me to read more quickly. But I also look words up in the dictionary and make a note of the most useful ones.


6. How about listening to pop music?

That can be useful. I often listen to English songs and I think it’s important to know what you sing about. Listening to the radio and watching videos and educational TV programs in English help me too.


7. What does “social English” mean?

“Social English” means learning about expected ways of behavior, knowing what sort of English to use in different situations, formal and informal.



Books. Reading.

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