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Healthy Lifestyle

Healthy lifestyle is defined as the state giving a person the optimal level of physical or mental health. It implies the absence of disease. Health status can be assessed by measuring life expectancy, mortality rates, illnesses and disabilities.

Nowadays our life is getting tougher. People live under thepress of different problems, such as social, ecological, economic ones. They constantly suffer from stress, noise and pollution in big cities, diseases and instability. A person should be strong and healthy in order to overcome all difficulties. To achieve this aim people should take care of their physical and mental health. There are several ways to do it. The state of the human organism depends on time people spend doing sports. At least everybody should do morning exercises every day. The healthiest kinds of sports are swimming, jogging and cycling.

Healthy food is also a very important factor. Obesity is the main health hazard nowadays and it causes many dangerous diseases. The daily menu should include meat, fruit and vegetables, milk product, which are rich in vitamins, fat, proteins and etc. There is no universal food product containing all nutrients in optimum quantity and in proper ratio. Healthy nutrition is possible only having a variety of different food to maintain the required balance of nutrients. On the other hand, modern diets are very popular especially among women. But some diets may be harmful for health.

Physical inactivity also arise substantial public health problems. It has been estimated that between 9 and 16% of deaths can be attributed to a sedentary lifestyle. People who are physically active tend to be healthier than their lazy peers: they experience fewer chronic degenerative diseases, especially coronary heart disease, hypertension, stroke and osteoporosis. It is estimated that exercise is associated with improved immune function and decreased risk of cancer.

To be healthy, people should get rid of bad habits. Everyone should consider that cigarettes, alcohol and drugs destroy both body and brain. Cigarette smoking in combination with alcohol intake significantly increases the risk of oral cancer. Alcohol abuse is one of causative factors for liver cirrhosis. And it may result in consequential social and mental problems. Besides according to statistics most of crimes are committed by people under the influence of drugs and alcohol.

In addition it is recommended to watch TV less, avoid stress and observe proper daily routine. Unfortunately it's hard to follow all these recommendations, but every person should make his choice.

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