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Kinds of Cat Food

Commercial cat foods come in three basic forms: dry, semi-moist and canned. Many owners feed their cats more than one type of food each day. The most important thing about choosing cat food is that the label says “complete and balanced”. Then any form of food is fine for a cat. Many owners feed a combination of dry and canned foods.

Semi-moist foods, once popular, are falling out of favour. While some cats loved them, the chemical odor was not appreciated by others. Many semi-moist foods are preserved with high sugar content and many contained propylene glycol, which can damage cats’ red blood cells. We do not recommend semi-moist diets, although an occasional semi-moist treat is all right.

Cats do not do well on one meal a day. Many owners leave dry food out all day for snacking and give one or two “meals” of canned food to their adult cats. Others do not like leaving food out and simply provide two larger meals a day. If food is left out all day some cats will overeat and become overweight.

Use the prompts below:

- What you really need to do is …

- You could / should …

- Have you thought of…?

- Have you tried …?

- The best thing you can do is …

Topics for discussion.

1. Choose two or three healthy foods and discuss their advantages with your group-mates.

2. Suggest a slimming diet to someone’s pet who has become obesic.

3. Discuss with your group-mates advantages and disadvantages of commercial foods for pets.

4. Advise a cat owner on how to feed his pet on fresh grass in winter.


Put the words under the correct heading.

Countable:pea, …

Uncountable:popcorn, …

Popcorn, pea, onion, peach, lobster, cereal, water, bread, yoghurt, salmon, meat, salt, spring onions, cauliflower, wine, ketchup, lettuce, cheese, mustard, news, money, furniture, children, information, hair, house, advice, photo.

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