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My interest in education and foreign languages dates back to my school years where I excelled in organizing different parties, concerts and discussions for primary classes. During the years at Primary School Teachers' Training College I participated in pedagogical conferences in St. Petersburg and received a few rewards for my reports.

When I began my studies at St. Petersburg Primary School Teach­ers' Training College, I had the opportunity to be exposed to the full range of methodical courses, all of which tended to reinforce and en­hance my intense interest in education. But rather soon I realized that education is too wide a subject and I had to choose a specific field to deal with. I have always been strong in English and German. So I came to methods of language teaching.

Since I was in my second year of study, I have been studying with my teacher, Mrs Krylova, intensive methods of language teaching. In my course paper I am adopting these numerous methods for the prima­ry and secondary education.

Now my interest has shifted to multi-lingual education, which would serve an excellent base for wider literary education at all levels. Such an idea has recently been discussed, but there are still no standard pro­grammes to realize it. It is very interesting and responsible to create these sort of programmes for schoolchildren. I am sure that they could develop their linguistic abilities and widen their knowledge of foreign literature.

My studies at the College will soon be completed and I would like to continue my education at the University of Toronto. After completing my Bachelor's degree I am going to continue my studies and to write appropriate textbooks for my courses. I am actually aware of the superb reputation of your University and I hope you will not deny me the privilege of continuing my studies at your fine institution.

Tatyana Larina

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