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Letters confirming acceptance

Your Ref: KH 305/9 25 Westbound Road




27 July 200-

Mrs J. Hastings

Personnel Officer

International Computing Service PLC

City Road

London EC3 4HJ

Dear Mrs Hastings,

Please thank Mrs Levin for her letter of 25 July in which she offered me the post of PA to Frances Newman, your Sales Director.

Please inform her that I am very pleased to have been offered the position, and confirm that I will begin at 08.30 on Monday 10 October 200-.

I accept all the terms in Mrs Levin's letter and conditions in the employees' handbook, ICS 661, and I am enclosing a signed copy of my Contract of Employment.

I look forward to starting on the above-mentioned date.

Yours sincerely,

Carol Brice

Carol Brice

Enc. Contract of Employment

Points to remember

1. The word job should not be used either in advertisements or applications. The terms vacancy, post, position, or opening are more appropriate.

2. If requesting an application form, keep the letter brief, but provide essential details about yourself. When returning the form, you should include a covering letter, expanding on details that might not be clear, or pointing out areas of your responsibility or your achievements. But keep this as brief as possible, as most application forms or your own c.v. should have a section where this information can appear.

3. When writing to a prospective employer, remember to explain why you left your previous post, but do not complain about the salary or conditions. Concentrate rather on the positive aspects of the post you are applying for, such as the greater potential for promotion, or your particular suitability for the type of work offered. Explain what you can offer your new employer in terms of experience or expertise, and why you particularly want the post.

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