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CNN News

BILL HEMMER, CNN ANCHOR: Now we're going to turn to the Kobe Bryant matter. Almost two weeks after the Lakers star surrendered to police for an alleged sexual assault in Colorado, the D.A. still has not filed charges. That is leading to questions about the timing of the original arrest warrant. Criminal defense attorney Jayne Weintraub, our guest back here from Miami to talk about this. Good morning to you.

JAYNE WEINTRAUB: Good morning, Bill. How are you?

HEMMER: I'm doing just fine. Thank you. What do you make of this delay? How significant?

WEINTRAUB: Well, I don't think that the delay is significant. I think what is significant here is the impulsive move to arrest him. You know, when you arrest somebody, there is the issue of bond and whether or not he will appear and whether or not he's a danger to the community. Neither of those apply here to Kobe Bryant. They should have investigated the crime, as in any other crime with any other person that they're looking at, confidentially, particularly in a sexual assault case, and made a decision whether or not to charge him formally. Meanwhile, this lag of the two weeks seems so long, because it's causing irreparable damage to Kobe Bryant's reputation. And there is no reason for the prosecutor at this point to be dragging his feet.

HEMMER: Let me go back to my original question. Do you think it says anything right now about the evidence?

WEINTRAUB: Absolutely not. I think there are two competing interests here as far as the evidence is concerned. One, of course, is whether or not there was any sexual contact. And, two, if there was any sexual contact, whether or not it was consensual. And here in a case if there is physical evidence to corroborate a victim, I'm sure that the D.A. will file the charges and Kobe will defend himself against it.

However, in a case such as this, especially when they've already messed up by arresting him when they shouldn't have, I think that the focus will become different. I think the focus is whether or not they can sustain a conviction beyond a reasonable doubt, and the prosecutor will review it to that standard or should. I just don't see it happening. I think Kobe Bryant didn't do it. I think he's a celebrity sitting duck.

HEMMER: Wow! OK, more on that in a moment here. Get back to the evidence, if you could, for a second here.


HEMMER: Do you think we're just becoming impatient?

WEINTRAUB: Well, it seems as if it's a long time, because it's in the press

morning, noon and night because of who he is. And that underscores perhaps -- and I'm not saying that the victim is not telling the truth - but I'm saying perhaps that underscores that she knew just what she was doing when she went into that room.

I mean, you know, there are a lot of questions here. Remember, Bill, she's the concierge. She's going to serve room service after hours? She had spotted him. She knows it's Kobe Bryant. She tried out for "American Idol." Her best friend says something -- she's looking for 15 minutes of fame. We just don't know here.

HEMMER: Yes, there certainly is...

WEINTRAUB: And then you have Kobe Bryant...

HEMMER: Yes, do you think...

WEINTRAUB: ... a perfect gentleman.

HEMMER: Do you think he right now is playing this right? Mickey Sherman, a well-known defense attorney, was on our program two days ago. He thinks he should be more public right now. Your thought?

WEINTRAUB: I think that this is Kobe Bryant. I think he's a gentleman. I think he's got a very quiet demeanor. I think that he gave one interview the other day to the "L.A. Times" declaring his innocence, because he just couldn't help himself anymore and he wanted everyone to know he didn't do it. But, no, I don't think that he should be taking it public. I think he should be the gentleman that he is.

HEMMER: When was the last time...

WEINTRAUB: And I think that shows.

HEMMER: When was the last time you talked to Kobe Bryant?

WEINTRAUB: I have not spoken with Kobe Bryant.

HEMMER: Ever met him?

WEINTRAUB: No, I have not.

HEMMER: How do you know he's such a perfect gentleman?

WEINTRAUB: From what I've seen. I see his reputation and I've read a lot about how he conducts himself. And, you know, when you look at Kobe Bryant in conjunction with how we see so many other athletes on the front pages today, he truly is a role model for kids who play basketball.

HEMMER: At least that's what the headlines are telling us. Quickly, a move by the D.A. comes when?

WEINTRAUB: I think that it comes within 21 days. State to state they vary of how long they have to charge someone or not charge someone, but it's usually around 21 days to a month. In this case, I think he's just waiting to see what he's going to develop, if anything. He has all of the evidence.

HEMMER: We will all see eventually. Jayne Weintraub, thanks much, in Miami.

WEINTRAUB: Thank you, Bill.

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