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Как сделать разговор полезным и приятным Как сделать объемную звезду своими руками Как сделать то, что делать не хочется? Как сделать погремушку Как сделать неотразимый комплимент Как сделать так чтобы женщины сами знакомились с вами Как сделать идею коммерческой Как сделать хорошую растяжку ног? Как сделать наш разум здоровым? Как сделать, чтобы люди обманывали меньше Вопрос 4. Как сделать так, чтобы вас уважали и ценили? Как сделать лучше себе и другим людям Как сделать свидание интересным?


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Exercise 30. Insert the Present Indefinite, Present Continuous, Present Perfect, or Present Perfect Continuous

1. I __ the bell for the last quarter of an hour, (to ring) (Maugham) 2. I want to see how much he __ since I saw him last, (to change) (Voynich) 3. __ you __ any word from her since she left here? (to have) (Dickens) 4. I don't want to take a cure at all. I am perfectly happy. All my life I __ perfectly happy. (to be) (Hemingway) 5. Signora Grassini greeted Gemma affectionately, exclaiming in a loud whisper: "How charming you __ tonight!" (to look) (Voynich) 6. Here's my keys. I __ (to leave) (Gow and D’Usseau) 7. I __ to Mr. Boldwood since the autumn. I want to explain. I __ to do it ever since I returned, (to speak — nej»tive, to long) (Hardy) 8. I requested them to suspend their decision until they. __ my narrative, (to read) (Collins) 9. Wait till you __ Moose and __ with him. (to see, to talk) (Aldridge) 10. "But what __ we __ ?" she asked. "I __ about it a lot. I __ about it all week. But 1 __ what to do." (to do, to think, to think, to know — negative) (Caldwell) 11. I muet not let my eyes get all red and swollen, or Henry'll know I __ (to cry) (Maugham) 12. The sun __ with different degrees of heating power in different parts of the world, (to shine) 13. "Look," I said, "I __ Francis very well. I __ him since we were very young men." (to know,! to know) (Snow) 14. "Well, I __ that Iris isn't going to be married," I said after a while, (to hear) (Maugham) 15. He says he __ to the same tunes for fifteen years, (to listen) (Maugham) 16. Cesare you and I __ friends for all these years, and I __ never __ you what really happened about Arthur, (to be, to tell) (Voynich) 17. What are we going to say to the king when he __ ? (to come in) (Shaw 18. "Dear little Hans," cried the Miller, "I am in great trouble. My little boy __ off a ladder and __ himself." (to fall, to hurt (Wilde) 19. "As I __ you for the past six months," he said, "business is bad." (to tell) (/. Shaw) 20. "This other gentleman," cried Mr. Pickwick, "is, as you will see when you __ the letter... a very near relative, or I should rather say a very particular friend of your son's." (to read) (Dickens) 21. Maude: You __ both ; __ forward to this moment ever since you met one another. Carol ine: And now it __ (to look, to come) (Maugham) 22. But you ought to have been telling your tale. Now you begin and when you __, we'll go back and see what __ really __ (to finish, to happen) (Priestley) 23. What __ you. __ with yourself since I've been away? (to do) (Christie) 24. You __ here two weeks. __ you __ your opinion of the South? (to be, to change) (Gow and D’Usseau) 25. "1 am very hungry and tired," replied Oliver. "I __ a long way. I __ these seven days." (to walk, to walk) (Dickens) 26. My good man, Signora Bolla __ head nurse in general to all of us. She __ after sick people ever since she was in short frocks, and __ it better than any sister of mercy I __ I needn't leave any directions if she __ (to be, to look, to do, to know, to come) (Voynich) 27. As Arthur mounted the stone steps leading to the street, a girl in a cotton dress and straw hat ran up to him with outstretched hands. "Arthur! Oh, I am so glad!.. I __ here for half an hour... Arthur, why __ you __ at me like that? Something __ Arthur, what __ to you? Stop!" (to wait, to look, to happen, to come) (Voynich) 28. "Mr. Bithem here yet?" asked Miss Mass. "Oh, yes, dear," cried the chorus. "He __ here for ages. We all __ here for more than an hour." (to be, to wait) (Mansfield) 29. "Are we alone now?" "The waiter __ and the door is locked." (to go) (Caldwell) 30. I __ happy. I __ always __ happy, (to be, to be) (Hemingway)

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