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My first visit to the theatre

Though there are not many theatres in Minsk, they are very popular. Theatre-lovers do not miss any of the first nights in the Russian Drama Theatre and in the Belarusian Drama Theatre named after Yanka Kupala.Id like to mention that the latter is the oldest theatre in Minsk. It was formed in 1920 and since then it has been popular with the public. Both children and grown-ups like to go to the Puppet Theatre and to the Circus. Those who are fond of music prefer going to the Opera and Ballet Theatre and to the Philharmonic. There are also several new theatres Christofor Theatre, Youth Theatre and the Movie-actor Studio. So there are more than 10 theatres in Minsk each of them offering its own repertoire.

One who wants to visit a theatre has to study the entertainment section in newspapers before deciding which of them to go to. When choosing what performance to go to, you should take into consideration the success of the performance.

I will never forget my first visit to the theatre. I had never had any idea before what it was like. It was the State Academic Opera and Ballet Theatre. Creation of the World was on. As I didnt know the plot of the ballet, I bought a libretto. I had a lot of time to look the theatre over as I arrived there half an hour before the show.

After the first bell the usherette showed me my place in a front row in the stalls. I could see the stage very well form there. The orchestra men had already come into the orchestra pit and were tuning their instruments. At last the house lights dimmed and the performance began. From the very first minute I was deeply impressed by everything I saw on the stage. I was charmed away by the music. The setting and illumination were delightful and the scenery was beautifully set up

The ballet responds to the most important problem of today a danger of war and protests against it. It praises the might of human beings and everlasting power of maternity. Creation of the world is purely a deed of the human beings hands and intellect. Its the human being who commits evil and virtue. And it depends only on people what will triumph on Earth: harmony and light or chaos and darkness. These words belong to the composer Andrey Petrov. The dancers address us with the eternal and always worrying thoughts about the sense of human life, about the human rights for happiness, about being useful to people. I cant but mention that the main parts of Adam, Eve and Devil were danced perfectly well. When the curtain fell the house burst into applause. The dancers received call after call and were presented with large bouquets of flowers. The performance was a great success and produced an unforgettable impression on me.

Ask me some questions about a theatre performance I have seen recently.

- What theatre did you go to? - Was it difficult to book tickets? What did you see? Was it the first night?

Was the house full? Where were your seats? - Did you enjoy the play? Was the cast good?

Did you like the scenery? Did you applaud?

What questions will you ask a British teenager about art?

- What are the forms of art? - Does art have to be understandable? - Is all art good art?

Does art have to be beautiful?- Does art have to say something? Do you understand abstract art?

- Does knowing the artists idea behind the painting help to understand the painting better?

I like painting. Ask me some questions about the exhibition I have visited recently.

- Where was the exhibition opened?- What trend in fine arts did it represent?

Were the pictures difficult to understand? What artists were represented at the exhibition

- How many pictures were displayed there? What picture made the greatest impression on you?

Are you proud of any photos you have taken? What makes a good photograph?

I often take photographs. They help me to remember the most interesting moments of my life. I usually take pictures of my friends or some interesting places I visit. Sometimes I take pictures of a landscape. I often look through the photos Ive taken. I like my photos, though I dont think they are professional. To be a good photographer one needs a real talent. A good picture should be carefully composed, it should draw your eye immediately, it should make the viewer feel sad or happy it should inspire the viewer to think.

My niece is very good at drawing. Can you give her a piece of advice on what career to choose?

She can choose the career of an interior designer. They can design the decoration of individual houses choosing everything from the floor coverings to the furniture. She can also choose the profession of a web designer and use her creative skills to design interesting and eye catching websites. Good drawing skills are also necessary for the professions of a sculptor, a fine artist, a make-up artist.

What music do you like?

My favorite music style is I think its awesome. I listen tobecause it relaxes me and makes me feel better. Im fond of. My favorite groups are. When I listen to their music it fills me with energy. What I look for in a song is lyrics and rhythm. Some songs are so touching that I listen to them over and over. Actually I like any music that sounds good to my ears- techno, pop, R&B and others.

I cant get into I think the lyrics of most song are Besides, I cant standbecause

What Belarusian groups and singers do you know?

I think Troitsa is fantastic. Its the most mysterious group in Belarus. They play folk which is very original, expressive and relaxing. The performers can play a wide range of musical instruments such as the flute, the trombone, the accordion, the bagpipes and many others. They are just awesome.


Pesnyary are the most successful Belarusian group today because the tickets to their concerts are always sold out and the concert halls are always full. They play pop music based on Belarusian folk and this makes all their songs so melodious and touching.

Belarusian National Orchestra play classical music of a very high level. The wide range of musical instruments can impress even the most experienced music lovers. They always draw a full house.

Im really into Irina Dorofeeva. I listen to the pop music she performs because it helps to relax and spend free time in a nice way. She is very often on the radio.

Some people like the kind of music Seryoga performs because its expressive and energetic. Its never boring. Besides Seryoga is a very strong personality whos made a successful career in show business.

What foreign groups and singers do you know?

The Beatles were John Lennon, Paul McCartney, George Harrison and Ringo Star. They were from Liverpool, the UK. They made their first record in 1962 and in two years they became the most famous group in the world. Teenagers and their parents seemed to get crazy about the Beatles music, clothes, hair style, even the way they talked. The musicians liked to experiment with the sound and they recorded hundreds of great songs full of new kind of energy. After John Lennon was shot dead in a street in New York in 1980, the Beatles couldnt play together again but they are still one of the most popular groups among people of all ages

Alexander Rybak is one of the most popular solo performers in Europe. His success came to him after his amazing victory in the Eurovision song contest. He performs pop which is extremely pleasant and sometimes even sentimental. Alexanders phenomenal journey began at the age of five. His little family of three moved from Belarus to Norway. His parents were both professionally trained musicians and taught their son the violin and piano. At a very young age he debuted on the stage and many noticed his talents. He went on to win the 54th Eurovision Song Contest in Moscow in May 2009. Alexander sang Fairytale, a song inspired by Norwegian folk music. Fairytale became a major hit in Europe.

Can you recommend me to watch one of the films you have seen recently?

I strongly recommend you to watch the film Braveheart. The film is about the fight of Scots against the English in the late 13th century. It won five Oscars at the 68th Academy Awards.

In this spectacular historic movie a young Scotsman William Wallace (Mel Gibson) became the hero of his country, fighting against the aggressive rule of the English King Edward I.

The film is a gripping and exciting story about love, hatred, patriotism and heroism. When you watch it, you understand why it won five Oscars. During the movie you see a lot of great battles and two heart-breaking love stories. You can watch this movie over and over again and it never loses its magic its a film which both teenagers and grown-ups will adore.

What questions can you ask a British friend about his / her hobbies?

- What is your hobby? -How much time do you spend on it?

Do you think it will be your favorite activity for a long time? Why? Does your hobby make your life exciting?

- Is your hobby important in your life? What other leisure activities would you like to try?


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