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Nazareth84 The Catch Vertigo Holland 3500

2964. Nazareth86 Cinema Vertigo Holland 4500 (inner)

2965. Nazareth89 SnakesnLadders Vertigo Germany 15.500 (in shrink, sticker, inner)

2966. Nazareth/Kiss90 Il Rock Vertigo Italy 3500 (unique compilation, one side Nazareth/one side Kiss)

2967. Nazareth14 RocknRoll Telephone Union Square EU 3500 (2LP, still sealed, sticker, 7 bonus tracks)

2968. Vince Neil93 Exposed Warner Germany 3500 (inner, Motley Crue vocalist)

2969. Vince Neil93 Sister Of Pain/Blondes (Have More Fun) Warner Germany 1500 (single, picture sleeve, promo sticker, non album b-side)

2970. Oliver Nelson66 Sound Pieces Impulse USA 4500 (gfc, jazz sax)

2971. Oliver Nelson66 Plays Michelle Impulse USA 7500 (gfc, original orange label, label inner, jazz sax)

2972. Willie Nelson08 Moment Of Forever Lost Highway USA 3500 (2LP, gfc, country/folk)

2973. Nena83 Same Epic Japan 2500 (obi, insert, rock/new wave, including superhit 99 Luftballons)

2974. Anna Netrebko13 Verdi Deutsche Grammophon EU 4500 (2LP, still sealed, classical vocal)

2975. New Trolls73 Atomic System Seven Seas Japan 3500 (gfc, insert, obi, progressive)

2976. New World79 Same MPS Germany 1500 (Lockwood/Beck/Williams/Orsted-Pedersen, jazz/rock)

2977. New Years Concert80 Strauss/Offenbach Deutsche Grammophon Germany 1500 (classical, Wiener Philarmonical/Lorin Maazel)

2978. New York Dolls06 One Day It Will Please Us To Remember Even This Roadrunner Germany 3500 (still sealed, limited edition in coloured vinyl, bonus track not on CD)

2979. New York Rock & Roll Ensemble69 Faithful Friends ATCO UK 5500 (progressive rock, featuring Michael Kamen)

2980. New York Trio06 Begin The Beguine Venus Japan 6500 (obi, insert, audiophile jazz piano)

2981. Tom Newman77 Faerie Symphonie Decca UK 15.500 (gfc, label inner, folk/prog)

2982. Newsted13 Heavy Metal Music Sony EU 3500 (2LP, still sealed, ex-Metallica)

2983. David Newton91 Eye Witness Linn Holland 3500 (audiophile, piano trio jazz)

2984. Niagara90 Religion Polydor Germany 2500 (gfc, inner, French pop)

2985. Niagara92 La Verite Polydor Germany 2500 (inner, French pop)

2986. The Nice70 Five Bridges Charisma UK 1500 (gfc, prog trio featuring Keith Emerson)

2987. Nico74 The End - Island UK 3500 (avant-garde, featuring Brian Eno/John Cale)

2988. Brigitte Nielsen87 Every Body Tells A Story Teldec Germany 1500 (gfc, disco)

2989. Czeslaw Niemen73 Ode To Venus CBS Holland 4500 (gfc, CBS inner, with SBB, prog)

2990. Czeslaw Niemen80 Postscriptum Muza Poland 1000 (prog)

2991. Night79 Same Planet UK 1500 (inner, sticker, Chris Thompson vocals)

2992. Harry Nilsson72 Nilsson Schmilsson RCA USA 500 (rock)

2993. Nirvana93 In Utero Geffen EU 2800 (still sealed, reissue, alternative, Kurt Cobain)

2994. No Dice77 Same EMI UK 2200 (inner, hard rock)

2995. No Doubt96 Tragic Kingdom Interscope USA 2800 (insert, pop, featuring Gwen Stefani)

2996. No To Co69 W Murowanej Piwnicy Pronit Poland 1000 (gfc, skiffle/beat)

2997. No To Co69 Same Melodia USSR 900 (gfc, skiffle/beat, )

2998. 90 2500 (still sealed, sticker, russian rock)

2999. 92 2800 (2LP, still sealed, sticker, russian rock)

3000. Chris Norman82 Rock Away Your Teardrops Repertoire Germany 8500 (ex-Smokie)

3001. Chris Norman86 Some Hearts Are Diamonds Hansa Germany 1800 (ex-Smokie, written/produced by Dieter Bohlen)

3002. Chris Norman89 Break The Ice Polydor Germany 3500 (inner)

3003. John Norum87 Total Control CBS Holland 700 (inner, Europe guitarist)

3004. The Notting Hillbillies90 Missing - Vertigo Holland 1500 (inner, Mark Knopfler project)

3005. Novalis77 Brandung Brain Germany 2500 (gfc, sympho-prog)

3006. Novecento91 Leaving Now Discomagic Italy 3500 (gfc, inner, italo-disco group featuring Valerie Dore)

3007. November72 6:e Sonet Sweden 15.500 (gfc, prog)

3008. Nuclear Assault87 The Plague Under One Flag UK 2300 (inner, thrash metal)

3009. Nucleus/Ian Carr71 Solar Plexus Vertigo UK 10.500 (gfc, ufo label, jazz/prog)

3010. Nucleus/Ian Carr72 Belladonna Vertigo UK 40.500 (gfc, swirl label, swirl inner)

3011. Nucleus/Ian Carr73 Roots Vertigo UK 13.500 (jazz/prog)

3012. Number One Ensemble80 Gipsylon Radio Italy 3500 (italo-disco)

3013. Nuova Compagnia Di Canto Popolare77 11 Mesi E 29 Giorni EMI Italy 2200 (gfc, folk/prog)

3014. I Nuovi Angeli73 Troppo Bella Philips Austria 1500 (pop/rock)

3015. The Nutty Professor96 Soundtrack Def Jam USA 2200 (still sealed, rap LL Cool J, Jay Z, Monica, Warren G, Da Bassment, Case, Montell Jordan)

3016. O Brother, Where Art Thou?03 Music From The Film Lost Highway USA 2200 (2LP, soundtrack)

3017. Sinead OConnor90 I Do Not Want What I Havent Got Ensign Italy 2500 (inner, pop vocal)

3018. Sinead OConnor92 Am I Not Your Girl Ensign Germany 3500 (inner, pop/jazz vocal)

3019. Oakenfold02 Bunkka Mushroom UK 3000 (3LP, electronic)

3020. Oasis95 (Whats The Story) Morning Glory? Creation UK 12.500 (2LP, multi gfc, 2 black inners)

3021. Obituary92 The End Complete RC Holland 2800 (inner, death metal)

3022. Billy Ocean89 Greatest Hits Jive EEC 1800 (inner, soul/funk)

3023. The Oceans82 Movin Cruisin Gira Spain 2500 (disco project by La Bionda)

3024. Octopus78 An Ocean Of Rocks Sky Germany 2500 (insert, symphonic prog)

3025. Odissea73 Same Ri-Fi Italy 12.500 (gfc, inner, Italian prog)

3026. Jacques Offenbach65 Highlights From The Tales Of Hoffmann HMV UK 2500 (classical, Cluytens)

3027. The Offspring98 Americana Columbia USA 5500 (inner, incl. superhit Pretty Fly For A White Guy)

3028. Ohio Players78 Jass-Ay-Lay-Dee Mercury Holland 1800 (gfc, funk)

3029. Ohio Players79 Everybody Up Arista Holland 1500 (gfc, funk)

3030. Bulat Okudjava72 Poete Compositeur Sovietique Le Chant Du Monde France 5500 (triple gfc, )

3031. Bulat Okudjava79 Le Soldat En Papier Le Chant Du Monde France 2200 (booklet, )

3032. Mike Oldfield75 The Orchestral Tubular Bells Virgin UK 600 (prog)

3033. Mike Oldfield82 Five Miles Out Virgin UK 1200 (gfc)

3034. Mike Oldfield83 Crises Virgin Germany 1200 (including Moonlight Shadow)

3035. Mike Oldfield91 Heavens Open Virgin Germany 2000 (inner)

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