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II. Read and translate text B. Make up a story about your working day, write it down




A person's schedule depends on his or her type of activity, and is organized accordingly. It is rather flexible, and can be changed any time, if necessary. I will try to give you a snapshot of a typical day in my life as a University student.

The shrill ringing of an alarm-clock wakes me up at half past 6. I do not jump out of bed, but daydream for about 5 minutes more. Then I do jump out, and keep jumping, pushing up, sitting up, and generally warming up for about 20 minutes. Then a quick shower, and a very light breakfast – I just can't make myself eat much in the morning. So, it's a soft-boiled egg, a toast, and a cup of tea or coffee. Then off to the University. I take a bus, it's a 5 minutes' ride, and I arrive in time to have a chat with my group-mates before classes begin. It's the usual routine of classes and breaks, the lessons are over at 1 or 2.30 p.m., depending on the number of classes. Sometimes I stay at the University till 4 or even 5 p.m. for some optional classes or something extra-curriculum. After classes I walk home with a friend talking and having a breath of fresh air for half an hour.

Then I go home, and it's dinner, if I may call it so. My folks are both at work, so left to my own devices I have what I manage to find in the fridge. Then I fool around for an hour or so, browsing in some magazine or a book, or listening to some quiet music.

After that I'm ready for the most important part of my day, my work actually. I study, I dig up information, I solve tasks, find answers to questions, do my homework. By 8 p.m. I feel tired. Fortunately, by that time folks have arrived, and we eat. That is the only proper meal of the day for me, and the only time to talk with my parents. Then an hour or more of study, some TV, and by 12 p.m. I'm in bed. Sometimes I have to stay up late, if I have some difficult tasks to solve.

So this is it, in a nutshell. Not very eventful, but it's a working day, isn't it?



flexible - гибкий

accordingly- соответственно, соответствующим образом

snapshot - (моментальная) фотография

shrill – резкий, пронзительный

to daydream – спать наяву

I do jump out – “Я все же выпрыгиваю” –усилительная конструкция

to push up - отжиматься

to sit up - приседать

soft-boiled egg – яйцо всмятку

to have a chat - поболтать

optional class – дополнительное занятие, факультатив

extra-curriculum – вне расписания

to have a breath of fresh air – подышать свежим воздухом

folks – “предки”, родители

left to my own devices – предоставленный самому себе

to fool around – дурачиться, прохлаждаться

to browse – листать

to dig up - откапывать

in a nutshell – вкратце, в двух словах



Most people in our country work five days a week but students and pupils work six days. They have only one day off. It is Sunday.

I like this day very much. You needn't hurry anywhere and you may go wherever you like after your week's work.This day I wake up later than usual. But sometimes I don't get up till 9 or 10 o'clock. I read morning newspapers or listen to music.

As soon as I get up I air the room, make my bed and do morning exercises. Then I have breakfast, clean the dishes and wash up. Two more hours for getting ready with my homework and I am free.

I meet my friends andwe discuss our plans together. We may go to the cinema or theatre, to museums and parks. Last Sunday we went to the Botanical Garden. There were many beds of spring flowers there: red, yellow and blue. People in light clothes were walking along the paths. The air was fresh and clean. Itwas very pleasant to spend time there.

In fine weatherwe also like to be out of town. We find a nice place somewhere in the forest or on the bank of the river. We lie in the sun, play different games and swim. In winter my friends and I often go to the skating-rink. Skating is my favourite kind of sport, but I like to ski too.

When the weather is bad my friends come to my place. We listen to music or go to the cinema. We like psychological and fantasy films, thrillers and comedies. On the way home we usually discuss the films we've seen.

In the evening all the members of our family get together. We have our supper, make plans for tomorrow, watch TV or read books. Reading is my hobby. Sometimes we receive guests at our place or go for a walk. I enjoy my days off very much.

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