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The physical features


- What are the longest rivers in Russia?

- Russia is a land of long rivers and large lakes. The north Dvina, the three mighty Siberian rivers: the Ob, the Lena and the Yenisei, and the Amur rank with the Nile and the Amazon among the world’s longest rivers.

- What is the role of the Volga?

- The largest of all Russia’s rivers is the Volga. This river is a major transport route from the north to the south and a source of hydroelectric energy. It rises north of Moscow in the Valdai Hills.

- What do you know about Lake Baikal?

- The three largest lakes in Russia are Baikal in South-Eastern Siberia and Ladoga and Onega in Northern Russia. The Baikal is the world’s most ancient lake and the deepest one. It contains one-fifth of the world’s fresh water.

- What can you say about the relief of Russia?

- The relief of Russia is mostly flat. Russia is located in two plains: the Great Russian Plain and the Western Siberian Plain.

- Is the Elbrus the highest mountain in the Russian Federation?

- There are three main mountain chains in Russia. The Caucasus is a range of mountains, which extends from the Black Sea to the Caspian Sea. The highest mountain in the Caucasus is a range of mountains in the Caucasus, in the Russian Federation and in the whole Europe is Mount Elbrus.

- What are the Urals famous for?

- The Urals extend from the Arctic Ocean to the steppes. This mountain chain divides the European and Asiatic parts of Russia. The Urals are famous for their valuable minerals and gemstones.

- How long does winter last in the different regions of Russia?

- There are various types of climate on the territory of Russia. Russia is one of the world’s coldest and most northern countries. Winter lasts five months in St Petersburg (from November to March), but up to nine months in Siberia, with snow falling even in May and frosts starting in August.

- Can you name the main vegetation zones in Russia?

- Corresponding to climate they are: the tundra, the taiga (or pine forests), mixed forest, steppe, semi-desert. Each vegetation belt has its own flora, fauna and natural resources.


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